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  1. when i try accessing using it takes me to my sky hub status I could try factory reset one more time Hi, i rest it once more, seems to be working now thanks.
  2. I tried on edge browser but still nothing
  3. Hi, my internet is perfectly connected to the R2. I can surf the web like normal, but i cannot access the dumaOS interface. I type dumaos/ into the search bar and also and it still says that the site cannot be reached. I have cleared my cache and cookies from my google chrome browser and still nothing. I have tried to access it via explorer and firefox, but still nothing. I have factory reset the router and the interface came for the inital setup, but after i set everything up yet again the issue persists.
  4. Hi, luckily it worked after i unpluged it and kept it like that for 1 or 2 hours. Thanks for your help. If it happens again and this solution doesn't work then ill contact you again.
  5. Hi, I'm able to access dumaos through the browser. Nothing changed in my configuration and the connection just dropped, but i will try to unplug it and see what happens.
  6. Hi, im having the same problem with my router again. Suddenly, the router no longer has internet despite there being a clear connection through my provider. Im clearly connected to the router but no internet. Last time this happened, i reset the router by pressing the button on the back. Then after that i couldn't access dumaos again. So what should i do?
  7. Hi, what if the third digit ends in 9? would it be converted into 0? so if it was 149 would it be 150? or 140? Ok so I managed to connect to the router but now it says "no internet" so i cant go through the setup wizard. This was the original problem I had when I lost connection to my router despite there being an internet connection from my provider.
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