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  1. That sounds good, I'll do another factory reset and leave it untouched. Is there a rough ETA on 3.0 for the XR300?
  2. Hi Fraser, Thanks for the update! 3.0 Sounds like it will a good step up. Just curious, how is the application based allocation done? Does the deep packet inspection go off the actual application used? E.G. Netflix via chrome, is it picked up as web general use or is it Media From prior experience I know Netflix especially tends to mess with QoS features taking up more bandwidth than it actually requires.
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  4. So, I did a factory reset on the router. left everything default and for the first 5-10 minutes I could only get 100Mbps on a speed test. However after this period my device could get around 630Mbps. I tested this around 10 times and it was fine everytime with QoS on. I decided to see if I could break it, I moved the bandwidth allocation for my device to 90% and did a test and it went back down to 316Mbps. I reset the bandwidth allocation so all devices were reset and even percentages. Kept trying speed tests but it was still only hitting 300-320Mbps. it seems as soon as I manually modify the bandwidth allocation it cuts my speed in half, even if I reset it seems to keep the max speed as half my max. Firmware -
  5. Hello, I feel it would be a good idea to have the addition of smart appliances as a device type. Might just be myself but out of the 18 devices I have showing on my network map around 75% of them are smart lights/plugs/assistants I'm currently setting them to Printer as I don't own any printers and it makes it easier for me to keep track of them. Also if there is a possibility to do grouped bandwidth allocation based on device type. Allowing us to switch between device based bandwidth and individual allocation would tidy up my QoS area and make it much easier to set all my devices that don't require much bandwidth to just hang around at 1%
  6. It's still reduced with Anti-BB to 100% I'll see if I can factory reset later today and set the device back up again and test.
  7. Is there a setting I need to disable somewhere in the settings or is it just removing the rules and turning off the classified games. I've attached the current settings I've just tested with and I'm getting the same result.
  8. Hi, I've given this a try and it's the same. I also tried setting my device to 100% allocation and it downloaded at half our max speed. Tried the same with my partners device. Turned off QoS and got full speed. I've gone through the majority of the settings on - DumaOS Optimal Settings Guide: Maximum Bandwidth Speeds : NETDUMA My modem is set to Modem only and IPv6 is turned off
  9. Hello, We recently upgraded our ISP package from 300/10 to 600/50. I haven't had any issues with the excess bandwidth allocation prior to the upgrade. If myself and my partner were both downloading games we'd both be getting around 18/20 MB/s. If one of us was downloading we'd get around 35MB/s which is what I'd expect. I've reconfigured the QoS settings to match our new speeds. With QoS off it was 616/52. I've set the buffer bloat to 95% for both download and up. Made sure share Excess is turned on but when I test with only my device using bandwidth I can't get higher than 300Mbps (Upload is fine and I get around 45Mbps). If I turn off QoS I can get full speed (Around 585Mbps from the bufferbloat) If both my partner and I download at the same time we are still getting the same shared speed we had when we were on prior to the upgrade.
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