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  1. So how do I add my own XBOXs to my whitelist? I have 6
  2. I totally understand. I hope my one comment on wondering if it was 2 separate consoles finding eachother didn’t bother. I’m glad you can make it work. I’d still love help and am still willing to pay. Let me know, and thanks for the help so far in your posts and comments.
  3. You did with me and asked how I did it and offered to pay to know. But as I recall my price for the info was higher than you wanted to spend. No bad feelings here
  4. What I need to see is if he ques in both Xbox consoles separately, not in the same fireteam and they still find eachother. I will wait for him to show me. Maybe it’ll show more in the next video he said he will make after the Easter holiday.
  5. We can all find people claiming their stuff is still working. No one has been willing to prove it to me. Have you seen it with your own eyes? I remember you used my services once months ago. My way is patched and once proven I’ll spread dough for help.
  6. I would really appreciate any videos and help. Legit, if your video works well, I’d even hire your services to help me set stuff up completely. My email is [email protected]
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