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  1. theres got to be a way to filter out the peers coming back to you after they have gone thru the steam servers.
  2. what do they look like? im having issues seeing them
  3. you may be onto something. where do you even see the servers? some are xbox live features like party chat.
  4. so the bridge connection you are talking about is as follows. grab a laptop, use an online guide for connection your two main xboxes to it. setup the laptop as a wifi hub. set a vpn on the laptop to anywhere alone. connect and try to match make. test out the settings and report back. its currently something im working on. talked to a few friends that are boosters and theey seem to be having good luck with it. this is somewhat the method the other guy was using too before he jumped out of here.
  5. well fuck. that sucks. guess its on to more testing. to whomever was pushing that bullshit, shame on you. ruining it for the rest of us.
  6. for proof. when he gets the time, hell upload the way to do it lol.
  7. youre fine dude. the normies dont know how to wait and some people online are rude naturally because we dont know who they are. and also people do not know how to read either lol. take your time
  8. its possible. ive had tons of people asking me for help over the years. i never got help though and 99% of the community doesnt really give up their ways because you are giving up customers in a way. but i usually point people in the right direction without giving them the answers. if they want it bad enough they will learn and teach themselves too.
  9. what do you mean? what part of RS2 uses p2p?
  10. nope, full card. when you are able to run a full lobby using your own gear, 8 x 6 for 20 mins of work adds up in a hurry. i never wanted to be that shady booster ram rodding people for cards. i always do very cheap and in bulk. i tried to help all my friends and they brought their friends and so on. vendors on the other hand and the website brought in orders for more desperate people willing to pay lots for faster services and such.
  11. completely varies on where the orders come from. anywhere from $8 - $ 50 per card. least ive made a weekend was $1200. the most was $3500. but ive been doing this a long time and was one of the early guys just 4 months after D2 release. i reinvested my money for about a year to get all the crazy shit i have now.
  12. i had to cross save every single order this last weekend to PS. in the meantime ive been testing other ways on xbox to work. I was able to find myself but it wasnt automatically like ive had for years. every 3/4 times i would run into randoms that could bypass my whitelist. so idk. still need to do lots of testing. i have another method to try in bit that ive talked to other boosters about and it seems to have success. will keep you guys updated if i find anything funny enough, it requires multiple vpns and other hardware. somewhat sounds like what the other guy in this forum was talking about. but like i said, needs testing.
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