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  1. As I'm aware, the purpose of the router is to not connect you to servers in other regions, but it still however allows it. My issue is I live in NA but I have to connect to EU whenever I play with my brother since he lives in the Middle East and the servers in EU is the middle ground between he and I so we don't really lag. However, whenever I set my geo-filter to somewhere in EU, it still doesn't find games within the set filter. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Also, the same issue when I try to filter servers in West NA, instead of East where I live. I have ping assist set to 55 and it still finds servers in the East instead of West.
  2. So just an update, it's not been happening as much as it used to, but it still happens. However, not as often. Will this now be a regular occurrence to where I have to restart my router after so many days or is there an actual work around? Also, this seems to affect the RAPPs as well. And by that, I mean the RAPPs would sometimes not fully load and it would give the error saying it's taking awhile for the RAPP to load or something along those lines. Also, I'm not sure the Geo-filter seems to be working properly either.
  3. It's the ISP (Xfinity) provided router. I just set a static/reserved IP for the R2 and so far so good. I'll update within the next couple of days just to be sure since the last lease time was for 2 days. I did reboot the R2 as well after setting a static IP on it.
  4. Yes. I've tried to but it doesn't load at all.
  5. I've recently bought the R2 and it's been pretty good so far, but recently, the internet suddenly stops working on it. At first I thought it was the ISP router, but I checked and the internet on it was working fine. Resetting the R2 does help and the internet starts working again but it seems to happen quite often now and I hate having to always reset it. I have also tried resetting both the ISP router and the R2 and the results are the same.
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