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  1. thank you very much now i will send
  2. I tried every browser and always the same even on some does not even come to this red pages i tried both wired and wireless and nothing always the same nothing i changed never everything worked great just at once stopped working and never connect for sure 10 days trying everything me and a friend I do not ask for a refund like the others, I would just like a replacement for another device and I return this one to you
  3. And for my innbox i must use Administrator Administrator user and pass
  4. When my wife saw me taking R2 out of the box again she got a nervous breakdown :)) here I will send a picture and here it always stands like this can be on this for hours and nothing happens when i type ipconfig it opens and closes the speed black window and disappears is there any other command to try to see
  5. Helo What is the model of the modem/router the R2 is connected to? INNBOX V45_B10 Have you gone through the setup wizard on the R2? I can't connect anymore at setup witard on R2 Do you have access to the R2 interface? No Do you know if you require PPPoE/DHCP idenfitiers/VLAN to get a connection? I can't connect to R2 to see I also called a friend last week to help me but he didn't succeed either he watched everything on both my modem and R2 I really tried everything sry
  6. Hello, my English is very bad, so I use a translator, unfortunately I have tried everything for a week and I have browsed the whole forum and tried to help everything, but nothing can connect to the internet at all.I know you will try to help and already tell me what i have read 100 times and tried but none of that help I'm sorry but I need the internet at home for my children to play and I'm not often at home and all the time I'm trying to do something and there is no internet when I get home I lost my will and nerves trying so I packed everything back in the box and i love to have a new device because I still have a warranty and of course I will send you your device first.Ty and once again I apologize for the bad English
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