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  1. 3 days past and I have not seen any issues. I admit that I am not testing as frequently lately, but I'll keep my eye out. Fingers crossed it was only an outlier.
  2. Netgear CM600 modem only. Been using it since 2017, paired with this Netgear xr450 for almost a year now with no issues. A buddy of mine thinks it could be my computers network adapter, my motherboard is fairly old. So I am running a ping test on my wife's computer too, so if both computers loose connection to the router then I can rule out my network adapter.
  3. Spoke too soon. After my last post I had 5 disconnects within a 15 minute window. I'll constantly ping my router again to affirm that it is my router disconnecting and not my ISP, but it seems to be the same disconnects as before. I do live in Florida, and I have had other routers in the past fail due to overheating, so there is that possibility. Edit: This issue has been going on for about 5 days now. The disconnects seem to be coming in waves. Some days I don't notice any, but I may have not been paying as much attention. Some days I get tons of them within a small window.
  4. V56 didn't give me any disconnects but I couldn't get my full download speed for some reason so I switched to V120. No problems so far, I'll reply again if I see any.
  5. I just loaded version V2.3.2.56 based on some forum recommendations. I did not see any newer versions than 114 in my router but I will try to manually load that one after I test version 56, thanks for the quick reply!
  6. I have a XR 450 Knighthawk that I have not even had for a year and all of a sudden it lost connection to the internet. I wired directly to my modem and was connected. I had to factory reset it to finally get connection back on my router, but ever since then I get random disconnects throughout the day that last from 15 to 30 seconds. Sometimes 5 disconnects within 10 minutes. I ran a ping test to my router through cmd and was getting "request timed out" and "general failure" at the same time as the disconnects. I am hard wired to it and the current firmware is V2.3.2.114. I do not know what firmware I had before all of this but I know that I had it to auto update which I am regretting because I believe that may be the case after some research. Does anybody know which firmware I should use for my XR 450 or know of a solution to this problem?
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