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  1. Ok guardians... Just signed up... Im so clear with all the community. Netgear/Support/Seo/Ceo/ who ever - need to adress/change that. It canĀ“t be a thing, that cheaters/programmers from silly website using the router thousand of levels higher then the company wich sells it. Since the geofilter option is not working on pc, the question is - why would you even buy the XR500 for d2? Portforwarding is a thing every router can do. Why does UpNp dont work with d2? Wich setup to run for d2? Hybrid vpn to host/server - normal connection p2p no vpn? Is a combination worth it? Wich ports are really needed for d2? wich should be open ore closed - the game is using so many different ports meanwhile... If the companie is not able to handle such easy things - it is OK to say, we dont have that cracked people here on our side, we just can do, what we can do. It is also OK guys but do atleast something. Do gamepacks for port forwarding, ping reduction what the hell i know. But if u cant offer a product wich is basecally not working since years its litterly time to change something. Someone was talking about ping assist? what? how? in d2? adding: ore you can give us free qos settings, just update the list - sniff for pc wich ports is destiny 2 using and give us something.... there are so many easy steps for YOU guys, you could give us honey for our mouth... but nothing is coming.. how long would it take? to update the QoS section for actual games? Lets see destiny 2, they post all there ports wich they are using on their site. so copy and paste them, first data. play some crucible games, different modes. ask people who play d2 for a database if they have one? Add new QoS rule for Destiny 2. GG
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