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  1. I just got it working after what seemed like the 100th reboot. The thing I did different on the last reboot was I disconnect all device on the LAN ports, unplugged both the modem and R2 from power. Let it sit for 10 mins. Powered on the modem until it was fully booted, then powered on the R2 until it was fully booted. Last I reconnected all my LAN devices. Dunno why having my LAN devices connected during reboot was causing so many issues. My R2 uses 2 LAN ports, one goes to another router with DHCP off (which I essentially just use as a network switch) and the other goes to a network switch. My consoles/PCs then connect to those switches.
  2. I just accessed my modems interface (motorola MB7420), but it seems to only contain read data for modem diagnostics/health/status. I can't find a single setting anywhere that I can set, let alone setting for a reserved IP. Furthermore, there's no DMZ on this modem that I can see in the interface. It was literally all working just fine before I reboot it yesterday.
  3. I'm experiencing the exact same issue. If there is resolution plz send me a message More details in case it helps. The issue began after I tried rebooting my r2. I do this because sometimes my geofilter stops working unless I reboot, so I was rebooting preemptively. When I say reboot, I mean I unplugged the power for 5 mins before plugging it back in. My r apps aren't loading slow like the previous users, but my WAN IP says disconnected in the Network Status panel just like the other screenshot in this thread. My network map looks fine and the r2 sees devices as they turn on/off. It's just the WAN side of things that seem to be having issues. I use DHCP WAN with all default settings. I have the wifi on my r2 disabled since I do everything over ethernet.
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