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  1. I switched my DNS IP to a few weeks ago to see if that was the problem, but no luck. IPs are not that close. I did notice that when my internet goes down for a few seconds, my ping time to the router is >500ms even though I'm wired. I'll call comcast to see if something isn't playing nice. Maybe just need to power cycle it or have comcast send a reset signal. Thanks for the help! Besides the XR1000, I'm using a netgear CM700 as my modem, so there is no comcast hardware. Only thing I can think of that I recently added to the network is a SimpliSafe home security system (base station, cameras, window/door sensors, etc).
  2. I did do that and it belongs to Comcast. Yes, I use xfinity. Not sure why this would be coming from them. Since my internet goes down, I don't think it's netgear misidentifying a normal process.
  3. Every time this appears in the logs (a few times an hour everyday always with this ip and port), my entire house gets briefly disconnected from the internet. Is there a way to block this ip address? I have the XR1000
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