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  1. I unplugged the power supply of the router and plugged it back in. I have intermittent wireless disconnection as well as reported by other users in my house. I was not able to send screenshot as I am normally connected to LAN. I will observe and will let you know.
  2. While using EXITLAG forced in NA, I can't find anything within the radius. Settings Snapshot #1 While finding game Snapshot #2 After finding a game (before pre match) Unfortunately, one more issue. This router just died on me and I did a reset and it worked. But this is a big deal for me. My previous routed never had this kind of issue and I'm putting the Netduma under observation. If it happens again, I'm afraid I will have to return this product. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much for the quick reply Fraser. Noted on the re-sync info. I have been in AMRS region ever since, it may not matter whether I choose ASIA or AMRS region. I thought the geo filter will act as sort of a mask so it may seem that the packets are routing from a different region thus allowing me to join matches anywhere else aside from ASIA. Do not get me wrong here, I really love playing 3-11ms pings whenever I connect to the ASIA servers but there are times that I have friends in different regions and we would choose the best server that will have the best ping/latency for the squad. I have been using a different application (EXITLAG) which I am pretty sure that you are also aware of. Now I can conclude that geo-filter is totally different from that service. Is there a possibility that NETDUMA will have a similar service or maybe an add-on? I believe it is a VPN service catered specifically for gaming, so as a company that deals with the same, I think its feasible? Cheers!
  4. Hi Everyone, Greetings! If you could help me with the couple of the questions below: 1. It seems that the geo-filter is not working as expected. I tried setting the home in Chicago (although I am located here in Singapore) so I can have a better ping when I am running games with my friends located in the AMRS region. I would try solo so I could test if it will search for the specific region but it will still search the nearest server it can connect to (possibly 13ms ping-Singapore/46ms/78ms-Japan/100ms-Au). I am under the impression that I can find even solo matches in AMRS region whenever I use geo-filter. Or is it not the case? 2. I could not find the flush cloud option, as I thought maybe I need to flush it as sort of reset. (I did a hard reset -plug/unplug, restore factory settings), and even re-install the firmware. I have a resync cloud button but it also does not work giving me the error message as seen below: Hoping for your response support team! Cheers!
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