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  1. That was an interesting video, I respect Chris’ opinion also. Like he said though, the only way to know is to try it. So I did, I used WTFast when connecting to US West servers for both Halo MCC and Apex Legends.. Halo seen a small improvement but seemed more stable when refreshing the in game ping list. Apex Legends was a funny one, I connect to Oregon and the ping was around 20/30ms lower in game with the performance stats on. The WTFast app does seems to report crazy improvements though and don’t think they can relied upon. Also I understand that it may be because Aussie Broadbands routing isn’t optimal to US West
  2. Hey, I understand that having support for WTFast might not be for everyone but I think it would be pretty amazing for us OCE gamers. I use it for connecting to US West servers which I find WTFast can be pretty helpful with. I did see another post requesting such a feature and there was mention that it MIGHT be considered at some point. Any updates?
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