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  1. Thank you, I find this parameters. It is not easy to find.
  2. Hi, I have a new finding about XR1000. My Internet speed by ISP is DL/UL 300/100 Mbps. But It seems that XR1000 always set the baseline speed for Congestion control as DL/UL: 93/40 Mbps. My question is what is the maximum Internet speed if the QoS is enabled.
  3. Hi, Very thank you for your help. I am very happy to know the QoS still works. Maybe I can do a test to try the QoS for the "fake off-line device". But I still want to focus my point, this device is a VM HOST, so its NIC is not via any other device.
  4. Hello, Does someone knows how frequently does the DPI database update? A few days ago, XR1000 help my GeForce NOW(GFN) user experience. I used application based QoS and set congestion control to auto-enable 50/50. Even my brother download games and I still can get almost the same quality score as no background traffic. But after Nvidia update the GeForce Now recently, it seems that the GFN packets are marked as "unknown", so the quality is not as good as before. I am so happy to have XR1000 and I hope it can help my family in daily usage.
  5. This PC is the host of VMware, not the guest os. My observation is that the "fake off-line PCs" are the VMware or VirtualBox host. But their Internet connection are normal, I don't know why they are marked as "off-line".
  6. Hello, Does someone have the same issue? I have more than one PC has this issue. My PC is marked as an off-line device, but it is on line now. Change the MAC address of this NIC can help, but I don't know why.
  7. Hi, I have a XR1000 and I have some questions about the criteria about categorizing the packets. 1. I see many games such as "Warframe" are in the "Uncategorized" class, I would like to know if the games in "Uncategorized" will trigger the "Auto-Enable Congestion Control" ? Can I move Warframe from "Uncategorized" to "Gaming", it is my best favorite game. 2. I did not see any application in the "Enterprise" category. Is this category created for the future use and what kind of applications will be put into this category? 3. I see a "business" category in the Category Breakdown page, is the "business" category equal to "enterprise" ? 4. "Uncategorized" is not equal to "Unknown", these two categories are different, right?
  8. Hi, Let me use a video to explain what I meet. I use subtitle to explain what I observed about "YouTube" packets. I think most YouTube packets are classified as "unknown". There is no "unknown" category, so no bandwidth allocated for "unknown" traffic, right? I think if any other application can be recognized by QoS, its traffic priority will be higher than "unknown". In this situation the YouTube buffer will be lower and lower. If my operation is not correct or misunderstand the functions of XR1000, please let me know. I appreciate your help very much.
  9. Hi, I use a XR1000 in my home and I have 2 PCs. I use PC_1 to download Apex Legend by Origin and PC_2 to watch YouTube 4K video at the same time. My YouTube buffer health is going down and down while Apex is downloading. By XR1000 Web GUI, I found that the YouTube data packets are classified as UNKNOWN. Does anyone meet this situation too? However, when I enter the https://www.youtube.com, some packets are classified as YouTube.
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