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  1. And with the IvP6 no Nat problems... sound like I'm good to go... thanks for the help!
  2. Gotcha... that makes sense... last question... Would it be beneficial to do all the port forwarding for warzone... Thank you
  3. So.... Does the geo.filtering and the vpn practically work the same way?
  4. What is the benefit of using a VPN on a console? I know when I used a VPN on my TV it throttled down my internet speed considerably. (Can this/does this help on xbox live) I use the IPv6 so no NAT and have spectrum internet it's about 235 down and 13 up. I have done zero port forwarding since getting the xr500. I have used the geo filtering and it works pretty nicely. I have been able to play with it and connect to the servers that i want to connect to. Just trying to get all I can get out of my purchase and I know there are people smarter than I out in the world. If someone could chime in and instruct me how to get the best experience gaming I would appreciate it very much.
  5. I had no idea about this... I've been on xbox live since the start of it and have no idea about this... I have 225 download and 13 upload i prob need to dumb mine down to play online shooters huh? Thanks
  6. The customer service on this site is top notch... I have not had any personal issues but i come look from time to time and check comments and Netduma is top notch on responses quickly and effectively. Kudos
  7. While we are on the subject... What about Xbox... I have a series X and on my old spectrum modem it supported IPV6 should I enable it on my XR500. Thanks
  8. @Simon Where were these servers located..
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