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  1. No, it just happened randomly. When I first set it up, everything ran PERFECT.
  2. Wireless devices are getting full speeds, yes. I switched to WiFi on my desktop and all my connection issues disappeared. Yes I've tried several Ethernet cables, all Cat7. As for QoS, I disabled it from the Anti-Bufferbloat menu on the QoS menu page. **As a side note, when re-applying QoS it stays on the "Applying settings..." screen infinitely. I have to refresh the page to continue changing settings.
  3. Hello I bought an XR500 router and after setup everything ran beautifully. About a week later, my internet speeds were cut in half. I pay for 300 down 20 up, I'm lucky to get 150 down and 5 up. I have tried just about everything. Turning off QoS, setting Anti Bufferbloat to never, setting bandwidth allocations. None of it works. When I connect directly to my modem, I get my full speeds. I never had this issue with my previous router, Nighthawk R6 (R8000) Notes: Ping via PingPlotter shows a heavily congested line. WiFi speeds work great. Any help or insight would be appreciated, else I'm going to have to return it and try a different model/brand.
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