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  1. @Netduma Fraser correct. When I have both filters on, I get the code: leaf error. When I turn off CoD and leave Apex on, I do not get the error but the filter doesn't seem to be working. I will attempt the Playstation device way to see if that will make the Apex filter work.
  2. I would also like to add that I have been further troubleshooting. I realized that I also had my Call of Duty filter enabled as well. It seems to be what caused the issue. However, it does not seem like the Apex filter is working at all. When I had both CoD and Apex filter on, it was showing me blocked servers on the map plus the servers that were blocked had -1 next to their data center. Ever since I turned off the CoD filter, all of the servers are showing as available and none are blocked. With CoD filter enabled I was getting code:leaf error. With it off, I have not had the error once. Just figured I can make you guys aware of that as well. So it seems like that fixed the error issue but it does not seem to filter the servers out. It also seems that my CoD filter when enabled was also working for Apex.
  3. Thanks for your response and the team working on it. I have disabled the filter before as well I unfortunately still get the error when my gaming PC is connected to the router. I currently have 0 issues when I am connected directly to my Modem. Hoping to hear of a fix soon! (fingers crossed)
  4. Hello everyone, 1st time on the forum so apologies in advance if I did not find the relatable topic and helpful solution to my problem. Ok so this is odd to explain. Ever since I got my R2 I have had a fun time figuring out how it all works. The most recent issue I have had is with my GeoFilter and Apex Legends. Ever since I set up everything I kept getting these odd errors (code:leaf) that would kick me out of the game before the character select screen. Even when I did manage to get into a game, I would be booted back to the data center select screen after every game. When I further investigated the code, I found out that it is to be a code error on the Respawn side of things (e.g. the Server is basically not connecting to my internet) and there seems to be minimal answers on how to solve the issue. I saw a few Reddit posts with some suggestions on things I could do (router reset, port forwarding, etc) but it all circled back to that it was a Respawn issue and there seemed to be nothing I can do. In a last ditch effort I went and did some port forwarding to see if that would clean things up. I got into a few matches in a row with no problem, but then I started to get the same code:leaf error again...and again...and again. As a final final "let's see if this works" effort, I unplugged my gaming PC from my R2 and directly into my ISP Router. WELP, played for 4hrs last night with 0 issues. So there is some lack of comms between my R2, my ISP, and the Respawn Servers. I would love some feedback on this! My Geo settings: Location - Eastern US, Radius - 500 miles (covers about 4 data centers between Virginia, New York & South Carolina), Geo Options - Strict with Auto Ping: OFF I have also Resynced Cloud, turned on fast search, expanded radius, tuned on Auto Ping etc etc etc (feels like I tried everything - I hope not) SOOO is it a geo filter setting or is it a setting I should have turned on or off in my router? LOL I don't know pls help. Currently feeling like the router was a waste and I do not want to feel that way. P.S. I have also struggled with issues in Warzone as well. It has been a journey but I think I have fixed those (fingers crossed)
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