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  1. Hi Saint 14 manages the discord invites, I'm at work tied up atm. He's on this thread about a page back. Rgds.
  2. Worked in elimination which is the closest thing to trials and will be trying it properly tonight in trials. If you are part of the discord group then it's all there in the testing channel. I'm not going to share anything on here as its public domain and you never know who is reading this *cough* bungie *cough* Yes xbox. But can't see why it wouldn't work with psn or steam.
  3. I've found a work around. Edit: can confirm the method that worked in elimination does not work in Trials 😞
  4. Hybrid Hybrid VPN works in that it route you through a server of your choice, however the steam relay servers recognise that you are from a different region and will match you against people from that region. You can test it if you like, set up a hybrid vpn in egypt and you will be matched with people in europe (i even messaged people after the game to ask their location). SO basically the relay severs make the hybrid vpn function redundant.
  5. @Netduma Fraser good morning. May I ask how your testing is progressing re: Destiny 2 and geo filtering on Xbox since Thursdays implementation of relay servers? A few of us are trying to work through this. We tested that the geo filter even placed directly over a relay server that isn't closest will always relay us back to the the relay server that is closest to my location. The only difference is when we physically block the IP of the relay server we don't want to connect to, this allows us to load into strikes and tower on our own, for a while. So I don't think the geofilter is blocking the relay servers IPs (if that's how it works) and NetDumaOS doesn't actually give any net benefit to not using it. Hope this makes sense Jones. Edit: also hybrid VPN doesn't work with relay servers, it knows our locations and match makes us with people from our region even though we are passing througha AUS server (for example).
  6. Hearing reports that sdr implemented on the PSN now.
  7. Woah that's pretty impressive. I'm one of the 'rando's' who has 5 other buddies who like to drink beer and do lobbies on a Friday! Best of luck mate hope we all work out a solution.
  8. Do you need 2x different IPs one for each laptop? If so this can be done using VPNs. What technique were you wanting to try?
  9. I tested hybrid vpn. Two xboxes on the same vpn using geo filters. It didn't seem to work.. any corrections welcome
  10. Would love to know this also.
  11. That's either a great satirical user name, or I should be concerned. Yes I would very much like to know of alternatives as well.
  12. Bungie introduced ddos protection on Thursday and one of the side effects is it makes geo filtering incompatible. I cannot see how this can be fixed if I am being honest and certainly the noise coming from netduma support isn't encouraging.
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