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  1. Thanks again for the fast response. It worked and back on the geo filter.
  2. Thanks for quick reply. How do I reboot from interface? Cant seem to find it.
  3. Had this message all day today when trying to load GeoFilter..."This Rapp not loaded yet, please try again in a minute" Tried resetting but to no avail.
  4. Emailed yesterday in regards to replacement. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the help Spagbell and Admins. I will get the email sent to yall.
  6. Tried reboot and factory reset. Managed to also try a wired connection to a PC and when trying to access the interface the page displays "This site cant be reached."
  7. I originally set it up wirelessly as I have a macbook which I am unable to insert a wired connection into.
  8. Good evening, After receiving the R2 one week ago, all was set up and working fine. Was online earlier today and again everything working smoothly. Returned to office tonight and all that is on is the power light. Netduma wifi wont even show, tried rebooting my internet etc and I have tried rebooting the netduma also with no luck. thanks in advance!
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