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  1. Thanks i will do that. glad that its solved
  2. I just tried a random quads BR with filter. it worked fine and put me in a midwest server, i could tell by the 60ish ping. also it showed up as the host being the midwest server. so now that i know the issue i think, can you explain if you feel like it or know, why it does that? why does it require the eastern server to be in the radius to open up or unlock so to speak, the midwest 60ping server? i just tested 5 games of random Quad and Trio BR and 5 successfully opened and i got 2 midwest and 3 east servers, apparently the two within the radius. but if you just do midwest it will give you 0 games, no matter how long you wait. is it simply down to player population or something else isnt that funny lol
  3. also it looks like its connecting now to an east server, so even tho the radius is big, im not actually connecting to a midwest server. theres definitely one in there, but its like its not recognizing it? why does that server symbol look different from that eastern one im playing on? Did a test, shunk it to 900km and removed that eastern server. it could not/never found the midwest server and just stayed forever at 81 ping in que. Increased it back to 1200km and did the above test and its connecting to that eastern server. BUT then how did I que to that solo BR midwest server( it looks like that in the screenshot no?) above when it was connected to 1200km and included the eastern server?! ahahah im SO LOST. is the requirement having multiple options to connect to? but whats the point of that? not enough players in the midwest server perhaps? this is like a puzzle, its very interesting though.
  4. yes i do see all the servers pop up with filter on, but it doesnt appear long only when game is booting up and never again, they are all blocked outside the radius. and im unsure if im connecting always to that server, i honestly have no idea if thats my regular one. But if i was to guess, id say its that one above Texas. heres a pic of filtering on, it appears for like 30 secs
  5. before i answer, as something weird just happened, umm i just got a successful que with filtering ON in my normal 1200km radius. it was fast and worked fine, i left before it started but id assume its perfect. just tested another one in a random duo with filter on, worked perfectly. i took 2 ss, left one is me 100% in-game in a filtered solo BR and the 2nd one just sitting in lobby not in que at all, both filtering on. hmm, so whats the difference? i did nothing except go to sleep since it was failing yesterday... im still not even in the zone? also why is there 2 player on the map when both ss are from a solo que? im already so new at this and its so confusing why its working perfect now. im happy but also sad, because i dunno what to do if it goes out again
  6. When filtering is on it doesnt show anything blocked. im a bit confused though, how does the radius effect me if filtering is off? even when filtering was on and functioning, i used to use a 750km radius for 2+ weeks and my location on the map near the lake was nowhere near the radius? it was way smaller and more midwest, no where near my location on the map when i que with filtering i see the exact same picture as the non-filtering screenshots above, except i dont get in the game. i dunno what i can do to fix this. yes the non filtered game seemed perfectly fine, as the filtering wasnt on
  7. Where did it put me? idk how to tell. i guess im the 1 white guy near the lake, lol. i can post a pic of me during que, and a pic of me in that game. first one on left is in the lobby que for a solo BR, the right pic is im in the in-game lobby ALL of this is with the filtering OFF. nothing seems blocked? nothing changes on the geo map screen while we try to que. what do you mean by mislocated? the rest of the map is blank like the next pic ill show is the map when filtering mode is off, when im in a que for a solo BR and its just queing without filter.
  8. Yeah like look at this...... is the ping heatmap lying? How can ALL the servers be offline in the midwest? 1200km bubble..... when its been working flawlessly with a 750km bubble.... someone look and see, theres tons of warzone servers out there online!! its 6pm EST on a friday, like lol, these servers have to be online. the ping literally NEVER changes from 175 and stick there forever, unless i change the bubble to include every server in the US, which totally defeats the purpose of this tool.
  9. Update: Made the geo-filter the size of the US. Like 2500km. It found a game after about 60 seconds. But Whats the point yknow?
  10. Nothing changed, just permanently stuck on this screen now. Its not even attempting to find a game lobby to connect to anymore......... at least 2 days ago it was trying and found games.... heres a screenshot.... been sitting here for 5 minutes now as a test... after 2-3 minutes it "found" a lobby that needed 148 more players..... then right back to this screen. Its like its literally refusing to connect to any game servers! tons of servers under the 1200km bubble, like tons if i use ping heatmap. it makes no sense......its unusable right now...
  11. Yes, perfectly fine with it off. I will try this and post the results.
  12. one is a solo que, the other is a random 4 man rebirth. my actual squad isnt on as its 4am but if you need i can get a ss from that too tmr. its cut from top of ss but filtering is off.
  13. Let me say first that for the last 2 weeks its been working fine, no issues whatsoever. geo circle its like 1200km+ so no size issue, or any changes as they rarely need to be made, na warzone servers they are always in the geo zone. But the past 2-3 days its been acting up on Warzone, like the ping just climbs and climbs and then it just never finds a game. It often will find the server and then drop us out, and then back into a lobby, over and over and then eventually getting a game but its just so SLOW now. but the worst one it will just start at 80 ping, then look for 156 ping and just never find a game and stay at that ping(the worst issue). even if i move the zone around a bit it doesnt matter. The ping is usally 50-70 once in game so its perfectly fine, but its the lobby/joining issue thats really wack. Why is it doing this now? like i said no changes on my end. is there an update for the router i missed or something new on dumaos? its just incredibly odd. it was perfect even at 750km lol so i just dont get it, i made it bigger to help to 1200 but it doesnt matter sometimes, it will do above.
  14. Ah, so I would just turn off the filtering mode. Gotcha, thanks bud
  15. why doesnt it show up for me
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