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  1. the strange thing is that in all over europe and with warzone. If i put cold war is goin to american servers. If u want i can save some pictures
  2. Good afternoon the geo filter isnt giving information about servers in call of duty. What do u think its the problem?
  3. The average ping i dont know but i wii send you a screenshot. About benchmark i will also send a scrennshot
  4. Ok because i belive in your team work and i think that having R2 is an added value. I dont think that my expectatition were very high( about your router). i want to belive that im not being able to exploit the R2 full potential and when i reach that spot the game experience for me is gonna be much, much better
  5. Ok, but i always put to of ideal conditions in the geo-filter to play call of duty( use the call of duty profiles
  6. Yes most ofthe times solo is when i have the best connection, about 60 ms. When its good is very good
  7. I dont think so because sometimes i change the set home icon of geo-filter in to UK, spain, france( i saw that in a review) and the latency sometimes improve. One more thing the ping change a lot if i play trios or quads, most of the times the ping is much better in trios then in quads. Are the servers different?
  8. its in the game ping and in when you are in a shootout you see the diference. Its seconds that do the differene( in my case in a negative way). The thing is that in same games a have a very good ping() 60ms and i want at least to have about 80% of the games with that type of connection
  9. Ok if you say so. But it appers that inst giving games the proper attention. Sometimes i enter in games with 80\90 ms and in as pics that goes to 100\120 ms in the middle of the game
  10. HI i have the router directed to play call of duty but in the network monitor inly appears 0.0005 in gaming in category breakdown. its very little dont u think
  11. Ok regarding to traffic priorization exists a difference because in Duma os by default you cannot put aplly to wan and in games console you have that option. In geo -Filter i will send a photo( for a while didint appear nothing( servers, players, blank
  12. The connection seems to be better but don appear nothing to me in the geo-filter. In traffic priorization put Duma classified games a nd games console at the same time?= wich is better?
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