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  1. I get 90 up and down! the cable that came with the netduma r2, is that a cat 5?
  2. Hey! Sorry I keep forgetting to check this post! I turned off the QoS to try and see if that changed anything and it didnt, When I do the speed test through the dumaOS, it says 90down 70 up, which is quite the different from 1g! I tried unplugging my netduma & only using my home hub 3000 again, and my speed were back to normal! Any suggestions?
  3. So I dont know a WHOLE lot about internet speeds etc. My speeds before plugging netduma in & using base provider modem is: 1.5gigabit When I plugged it in & set it up, I get 80mbps up, 30 down That is a dramatic decrease! Curious on what I could try to fix this?
  4. For some reason the circled server used to be in east coast, then all of a sudden it moved to the UK So when I’m searching for a match, it is pinging random servers outside of my circled locations, as well as the “authentication server” Therefore I’m having a hard time finding a match in warzone, it can take up to 10 minutes sometimes when I have multiple servers selected!
  5. The Circled server that you cannot deny is pinging me in the UK, instead of east coast that it used to
  6. I selected multiple servers to be allowed, with 0 ping assist. Some days it feels fine, then somedays it will just go to 174 ping & not find me a match, the server will keep pinging, then disappearing again! Thanks in advance.
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