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  1. Thanks Fraser , appreciate all your help and support on this! 🙂
  2. Hi Fraser, I just tried the above but with no success as it is still unable to connect to the internet (included factory resets, reboots, etc) . I was speaking to a friend that recently setup a Duma and he said to plug the ethernet cable into the R2 WAN port and then into the normal ethernet slot, whilst leaving the ee brightbox as it was (i.e. with WIFI and not changed to bridging mode). I did that and now the Duma connects to the internet! I guess my question now is what impacts does it have if I do that? is anything not going to work? what sort of problems mights I run into? cheers Mike
  3. 1) yes Duma is showing up as being connected 2) it doesn’t give you those options, I just changed the broadband type from Fibre and the the protocol from PPPOE to ‘BRIDGING’
  4. Hi Fraser, it wouldn’t detect the connection so I went through the wizard manually. Once disabling iPv6 and once without doing that Update: I’ve found that you can put the EE bright box into bridging mode, so I did this, made sure WiFi was disabled and did the 30s reset of the R2. Unfortunately , it is still not finding an internet connection update 2: whilst connection is not automatically detected through skipping the wizard I now have a WAN IP address, so I’ve tried putting that in the DMZ and also disabling it and completing another factory reset without any luck. I’m not unsure what to do next so appreciate some guidances?
  5. Hi, I just received my netduma R2 and struggling to connect it to the internet. I have an existing EE bright box and have followed various posts to disable WiFi on the bright box, disabled IPV6, manually adding a static IP, various factory resets of the R2, reboots , etc and still unable to get it to work. I even tried to add in the WAN IP to the DMZ but not sure I followed this process correctly. no matter what I have done it still hasn’t auto detected the router after a factory reset. can you give me some further guidance please? thanks mike
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