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  1. This product is definitely faulty because I tried all your guys settings when I plugged my other router in I get 900 plus download and 35 upload so no way I’m not going to not get my money back cause I see a 14 day return and I’m not about to throw away $150 for a router that doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do
  2. Ans I re enabled it cause I was trying settings and I put everything back to what it was before
  3. Just swapped back to the router I mentioned in the original post up above and I’m getting 940 download and 35 upload 🙏🏼 Sucks that the netduma doesn’t perform like I wanted it too if you guys can give me a link or email on how to send it back that would be awesome I havnt even had the router for a month yet just no time to keep messing with it anymore
  4. Can you guys send me a link to what I need to do to send this back it’s just not for me it’s not living up to the hype at all I don’t get my speeds I pay for and the thing shuts wifi off once a day while my wife works from home so that’s not fun to get disconnected when she’s working with customers ect and in meetings here is my email [email protected] if you guys can send me a email on what you want me to do and where to send it so I can just get my money back thank you
  5. It is disabled iv literally done all of other people’s steps and your steps as well and nothing
  6. Yea I’m not really sure what to do at this point and my wifi cuts out sometimes as well and my wife works from home so that’s a no no . Just wish I didn’t have to jump through hoops to get the internet my provider offers me I love the features but the hoops I jump through is not worth it
  7. But I’m suppose to get as close as I can to giga blast and I’m not getting that at all not even on Speedtest.Net and all devices are connected but some are not on and some are
  8. I made a new thread btw if you want to reply there and I did everything you mentioned ans still nothing only getting 626 download and 35 upload in the duma OS app
  9. I am testing the speeds in the netduma controll panel and when I do my speed test on the links controll panel I get 37 amd 950 when I do speed test on Speedtest .net with links router I get above 900 sometimes 950 with 37 upload . when I do speed test with netduma on Speedtest.net then I get 725 download ans 37 upload when I do it on the netduma app I only get 600-650 so yea What else do I need to do to get my speeds for the plan I pay for ?
  10. I disabled qos I disabled goodput. I got my Pc IP address for the DMZ and still nothing . I disabled IPV6 in LAN settings and in WAN settings I disabled syn flood control port scan control! Also I’m only getting 37 upload and 600 to 650 download in netduma R2 app on pc so I’m still missing 350 download speed and no I don’t trust Speedtest . Net either I don’t even have a device in geo filter setup yet ummm I think I did everything and on my other linksys WRT ac 3200 I pull 37 upload and 950 download all day long . I really want to love this netduma R2 but I’m running out of patience here I got this router so I could play on west coast servers and get better ping and no lag ect Someone please help me thank you
  11. I just did what you said and still nothing the download got worse it went down to 489 Download now so I put it back to what I had it at and now it’s back up to 580 Download
  12. It’s set at that as well and still only getting 600 now sometimes it goes down to 450 so I’m not sure what the problem is
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