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  1. I have the Comcast rental modem - xFi Advanced Gateway (XB6). I tried reserving IP addresses for my devices, but my Netduma is still losing internet randomly within a day.
  2. I am still having issues with this router disconnecting from the internet after a day and needing to reboot it to get it back up and running. I also fully disabled QoS and I'm still not getting my full speeds.
  3. So I turned off iPv6 and 5.0 Ghz wireless and I don't know if it's just coincidence but I haven't been getting this message for almost a month now, but now all of a sudden I can't get the router to connect to the internet at all. I kept rebooting my router and modem but I can't get a clear connection to the internet. Sometimes I get lucky and get a connection, but then it just disconnects from the internet after about 30 min or so. After a couple of tries I've been only able to connect to the internet 2 times, but it will randomly disconnect within an hour. I tried connecting with another router and I tried connecting straight to the modem, and I was able to stay connected to the internet, so there has to be something wrong with the netduma. Also noticed that I wasn't getting my full speeds when I had the netduma working few weeks ago. I am getting 950 Mbps (Download) & 18 Mbps (Upload), but I am only able to get max of 850 Mbps download with the NetDuma while running a speedtest. I don't have anything in QoS turned on and it is set to "Never" and everything is default in QoS. Is this supposed to happen with this router? I've been having some bad luck with this router hoping you guys can help me get this back up and running.
  4. Ok I will try to get a log for you. I couldn't get it last night because when this message popped up last night I could not get into any of the tabs in my router, so I had to reset it and now I'm waiting for the message to pop up again.
  5. I think it is actually most of the Rapps services that are not working when that message shows up. Some Rapps show that it loads up like QoS, but the bottom part (flower distribution) doesn't load, and I tested it that the QoS doesn't work as I get my full internet speeds. I tried Ping heatmap (the map loaded) but when I go to ping a game it doesn't show any pings. Same thing for Geo-Filter.
  6. Yes, rebooting the router fixes the issue temporarily, but then I will get the message after a day. I received the router with the new firmware preinstalled.
  7. No I am not keeping it up for long periods of time.
  8. I keep having the issue where my network monitor, device manager will not load. Keeps saying Rapp is not loaded yet. I have tried increases number of retries to 5 and cleared cookies and cache and it still keeps happening. Only way to fix it is to reboot my router, but the problem comes back after a day. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  9. I removed all my previous ports on my xfinity modem and it worked! Thanks for all the quick replies and support.
  10. Yes I play with other people and their NAT type is open. I used to have an open NAT type when I connect straight to my Xfinity modem, not sure why I am getting a strict nat.
  11. I had to hit fix it and then after it says that my NAT type was open. I booted up the game, but it is still giving me a strict NAT type. I have Geo-Filter disabled and it was giving me a strict NAT.
  12. I have an Xfinity Modem/Router that I plug my NetDuma R2 and I enabled DMZ on my Xfinity modem using the WAN IP Address in system information. I have also tried opening ports on the Netduma using a reserved IP for my computer. Finally I have tried turning on DMZ on my Netduma router using the reserved IP address that I assigned to my computer. I am still getting a strict NAT type on Warzone/Modern Warfare. Do you guys have any suggestion of what I can do to fix this?
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