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  1. Sorry I’ve got it working now, I allowed PPPoE pass through on the Fritz. I’ll see if the disconnections keep happening. Thanks for your help so far
  2. Sorry I misinterpreted the question previously. I do require a PPPoE username and password to connect to the internet (that’s how I was connected previously when using the hg612 and the XR
  3. Yes it’s showing as a client with an IP address on the Fritz box. Yes that’s how I have it setup
  4. That hasn’t worked, surely I need to set the xr up as an access point?
  5. No I haven't been able to get them working together, I meant I'll have to disconnect the XR completely and just go back to using the zen internet router
  6. Ok I’ve set the ip range from 50 onwards again and the connection had just dropped again. looks like I’ll have to plug my isp router back in
  7. All the lights are in on the modem when the connection drops and the power light on the xr is amber
  8. Yes it’s the first time as far as I know. It’s an openreach hg612
  9. Ok I’ll do that again. No I’ve tried getting into the interface but I can’t until I’ve restarted the router
  10. Hi there, I have done this and it's still occurring. I lost connection just now and the only way to restore it was to turn the router off and then on again
  11. It's definitely the router rebooting itself as when it happens, if I log on to the interface it says it's only been connected for a minute or so.
  12. It hasn't fixed the issue unfortunately
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