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  1. I thought warzone was 120fps on series x now?
  2. I gave it a try but it made no difference but thanks for trying
  3. Yeh it’s very odd. I’ve already done a few reboots over the past couple of days. Could it be a bug in the xr300 firmware?
  4. Ok I've found the right bit, but it appears there isn't even a class for Host Tick Rate or Client Tick rate?
  5. Hi Fraser, It's showing the following, looks like there is no server to ping which is off as the rest of the stats show ok -
  6. Just tried but no difference unfortunately. The ping, receive rate etc work fine, but the client tick rate is 0 and can’t even see anything for host tick rate
  7. I have an xr300 so don’t have the ping heat map. I tried resyncing the cloud earlier
  8. It was already disabled so still no joy I’m afraid.
  9. Ok I tried this setup but it can’t seem to connect to the net. I already had my PPoE settings in the router, any other settings I should change to get a connection?
  10. Will that not restrict my speeds? I currently get around 65 down and 18 up
  11. Warzone is the only online game I play. Any settings in the hg612 that could be stopping it? The firewall is off.
  12. Hi there, Yes that’s the version I’m running. Definitely isn’t working even after a full reset of the router. Cheers
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