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  1. I have been able to use the by plugging my old router to the modem and the r2 to the router which means that I can only use it for Ethernet.
  2. I got to the dumaos by being hardwired to the router but it can’t find an internet connection
  3. Thanks I just tried and the network keeps dropping, it says it’s the wrong password too
  4. I have received my router today and have been trying to set it up. I followed the instructions, changed the name of the SSID and continued. After that my screen was saying setting up network for a good 10 minutes. Since nothing was going on I refreshed the wifi tab and the network was gone. The I rebooted the router properly and did the same with the modem by calling the internet provider. Now the network is back to its first name so I imagine that the password has been reset as well, but when I go to connect to the network it either tells me that the password is incorrect or that there is no internet connection. When it does connect it stays online for a split second while the internet is never accessible and the router’s 5G light starts blinking. I can’t go to the dumaos link since there is no connection. Please help
  5. I received the router today and plugged it in, went through the steps. Connected to router and went to the setup wizard. Filled everything I then arrived on a page saying that the internet was setting up. After 10 mn of nothing changing I tried to look for the internet connection, and it was gone. The router wasn’t appearing anymore and impossible to connect. I have rebooted it and now it’s telling that the factory password is incorrect.
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