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  1. weird, Reboot today worked totally fine. Im back baby. thanks big Fras!!
  2. My geo filter has not loaded since around 10pm last night. I keep getting this error message attached. SOS! Thanks
  3. wow I hope they pay you well, amazing detail thank you. Last one for the day, I promise. What would be the purpose of using both VPN and Geo Filter then? From what I can tell, anything over 200 is just unplayable. So if you relocate to even Londan England, you face this imminent issue. Is it just cool to show your friends, hey look! My options menu thinks I am in Kabul, but Im not! hahahahah Just dont see how its of any value in that regard. any situation where it would be useful?
  4. Of course. Which is what I would logically assume. Ok, so let me ask you this. You obviously know what's up, what is the biggest benefit of owning one of these then? I among many others, bought this to find a way to enjoy playing COD again in more casual lobbies. There doesn't seem to be a step by step guide on "hey this is how you do it, or at least your very best chance" obviously all the content whores on YouTube have made plenty of videos, which are also vague.
  5. I do have a part 2 that should be easier to answer. if I am using the PURE VPN and I have my Xbox properly set up and linked. If my Xbox thinks I am in Brazil. There is a server in Brazil 1 mile from my “supposed location” why doesn’t the ping go down? my guess is it’s just a pump fake on the system, and the PING is based of your pure physical location from server? would love to set my VPN to somewhere in Africa. Xbox things I am in Africa. I simply load game if I was just a regular Nigerian dude playing the game. We get that for the r3 now we’re talkin !
  6. I guess I just need a better understanding of how the R2 is supposed to work. By this I specially mean in regards to COD SBMM. So for example, let’s say the best player in the world lives in Seattle. His kd is 500/1. He uses the Geo filter to put a box around the Seattle server. Is this person now going to ONLY be placed into game on the Seattle server? Because that wouldn’t make any sense, the SBMM should kick in and send him to a match of his his caliber. I certainly know that the point of this tech is NOT used to expose the SBMM. But if I work backwards, I should be able to get my answer. I need to 1st understand exactly how the servers work. if you have a .80 kd and live in Canada. You don’t have an Netduma , I can guarantee it does not place you in a server closest to you. It’s always random. Maybe it’s just easiest to ask this way - Does setting the geo filter around a specific server, guarantees you will be placed into that server? I mean nothing in this world is a 100% guarantee but you know what I mean. SHOULD IT.
  7. Have resetted everything multiple times. I cant get into a game for the last 6 hours. On a funny note? My 1st drop on Seattle server was a 10 kill Dub. I really hope this is just rookie shit, and I will get it sorted eventually. Every time a server pops up, I add it to the list and there are roughly 5 or 6 on the "allow" list. I am located In Western Canada if that helps.
  8. for example ...Right now I have been trying to get into a lobby on the Seattle and miami server for 1 hour. Nothing. The only thing selected on the geo filter is strict mode. The VPN is disconnected. The available servers keep popping up and disappearing (miami and Seattle ) Cant get the hang of it yet. no rhyme or reason.
  9. Ok in terms of geo filter settings, is it best to have auto ping on or off? Any link for that? Or a guide of some sort to navigate which foreign servers are the best, best settings, how to use, etc! Thanks
  10. hey legend, thanks again. Where exactly am I looking for greyed out section? I connected through the dumaos. I signed up on the spot with "pure" and was very easy to connect form there. After resting my series x again, I was able to access the VPN and it took me to Europe which was good, but cant get into any games, well mostly because it does not show any servers.
  11. I am using pure VPN, I can connect with ease to most countries, however today when I check my war zone settings, under "geographical location" I am still in my city. Yesterday, I was able to see I was in the same city/location as the selected VPN. I have tired to reboot system, and obviously reset my game. This is only my 2nd day with the R2 or any gaming router in general. Bare with me! The goal here is to find a random country with a good or decent ping, using the geo filter to set a boundary. With the VPN and Geo filter working correctly, that should bypass the " you know what matchmaking" and place me into this specific server. SOS! Thx
  12. I need help as well. I used the VPN that is offered which is "Pure VPN" I connect to where ever, lets use Afghanistan for example. Well what am I talking about...I cant even connect to a game in general. If I have to listen to " big turkey wheet" voice on YouTube for another second I am going to shoot myself. I want reaaaaaaal simple instructions 1- Set your Vpn to the country of Angola 2- Go to your geo filter select.... etc etc etc This is getting absolutely insane, do you leave it on auto ping? off auto ping? why on some peoples YouTube videos I see ' spectator mode" in their geo filter, I dont have that. I cant pick any server I want, honestly ...since I received the R2. It took 40 hours to set up properly to my modem, and have not spent the rest trying to get into a game...the reason we all got this,. to somehow play against randoms in Africa who just started playing. I dont care anymore, judge away. Why dont you guys have a phone number? so so so confusing.
  13. I am now plugged direct r2 into my Mac as you can see. I can not access the net duma r2 network no matter how many times I reset. This is so unfortunate, really wish someone could advise. I appreciate your help Liam, but there has to be a way. I know my ISP has to bridge it when the network is already set up. If they bridge it now, I lose all internet in house. the craziest part is I almost had it set up correctly the 1st time, I have not even been able to get back to square 1. I highly doubt it’s defective either..
  14. I am going to Best Buy now to buy a thunder bolt now to at least get the setup complete
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