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  1. It would be so clutch or you could man the ship via any desk I bet it would take 3 minutes! Any chance?
  2. I have the r2. How do I get real-time support? so I go through the guide in that link? Or do I actually add it somewhere in control panel. I am a Mac guy but have to use a pc for time being so im a little slow. maybe I need to set up new router ? My pc gives me that option the problem is even when I reset it. I will get to the dash board and get half way through set up. I submit mt new password and I’d. And it doesn’t move from loading screen. Then connection goes blank.’or to the white screen error page. my provider is telus in Canada. My modem is telus model T3200M
  3. Bro this is absolute torture. Now I have internet both wired &wifi on my devices. But I have reset the thing 20 times yet it is my old password and User that works. The modem wifi light is on but the internet is orange. Yet everything is working. but now I must access the router page and can’t . No matter if I plug in direct. And it clearly has not reset or it wouldn’t be my new custom name. It would be netdumaR2
  4. Internet light out again. There has to be a specific way to power everything up. From modem to r2. Something is getting crossed. I am playing warzone but can’t connect to internet. Half way through last set up it just started loading for ever . So I had to back out.
  5. Such a sweetheart bro thank you so much I can’t Believe you do this for free. k good news. I reset everything and now I have wifi and internet green. Im online via ether to Xbox. But since I reset, now the wifi “r2 router” is not showing up in any wifi. And I can’t connect to my pc to the 187. Site
  6. Ugh this is killing me. The only thing connected to the modem is the Ethernet to r2. I have seen most videos online say that. I have the wifi signal on my modem but the internet is not active. I have reset etc. bro do you have any other quick suggestions - I don’t know how to get internet back.
  7. The wall Ethernet connects to the modem wan port. I can’t touch this or I lose the tv. i have Ethernet plugged from Xbox to r2 and no internet either.
  8. Damn . No internet. Do I need to unplug nothing? Why does my prior internet (telus 112) still connect. That’s what I feel the issue is. Have to make sure that is not still live. Almost there bro really want to join the squad :(
  9. I have modem as well. Problem is when I disconnect wan from regular modem, I lose the tv connection. My xbox connected to warzone lobby but then I was not able to add my new password and username into the desktop dashboard. So just gotta figure out from my xbox, do I plug direct into the wan blue port of r2?
  10. No they just set up updated wifi in building and the guy told me it doesn’t need to be bridged. Now I have everything set up in the dashboard. But no internet. Xbox plugged in direct to r2 no signal. Wifi connects but again no internet. It’s been so long! I forget If I need to turn off the other modem . Wait that’s dumb obviously not. but it’s also weird it’s saying “unnamed device” when it used to say Xbox series x. We’re almost home!
  11. Thanks bro. I am now in with the new password … but can’t detect internet connection.
  12. Yes but I am not even able to connect to the wifi. I can’t bring up the 187.93 or what ever page. And I can’t plug the router directly into laptop ether port and access that way. So im unable to get to the step where I would add the admin /password
  13. Hi brother, long time. Hope all is well. My net duma r2 will not connect wifi nor when I plug in direct Ethernet. I have reset many times, and no matter how many times I try and enter the given password on router, it says “can’t connect” haven’t been able to use for months. Kinda disappointing. Please let me know if you have any suggestions thanks!
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