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  1. It still kinda works but not as it once did. All would would work without a VPN. The problem is Steam hides our IP's with the websockets and now I can't see when I match my team and make the ghost lobby.
  2. Back in the day I did not need a router like this to do things like this in D2. I came up with many tricks that were used until D2 started using Steam Web Sockets on the PC. And now I wanted to help my friend get the sparrow so I came back to the game only to find out that my ways are dead. I know how to make ghost lobbies without scrips if I could track my IP my second laptop but it's hidden now inside of D2.
  3. Yeah... I have something that auto does this for solo matchmaking. Back in the day I had the best stuff for things but they don't work anymore.
  4. Also would like to read up on this if you find the the link.
  5. It's crazy I was able to get the R2 for the $150 pre-order price and noticed it went up to $175 today. And when I woke up this morning I got my tracking info and I will get my R2 on Tuesday.
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