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  1. i may have fixed it by factory resetting it after the update , i will let you know
  2. i get zero ping in fortnite creative for like 5 mins then i just went to 1000+ ping and loose connections on fortnite and on google , basically on everything on my pc pls help . i just updated my firmware back to the newest one and then back down still have the same problems . im currently back on the new firmware
  3. i can't do that , it's too far but that shouldn't be the problem seen as it worked before
  4. i changed my time and it still hasn't changed it , it still says nov 2020 and the wifi extender should be fine but what settings could be causing it in the wifi extender because it worked fine before this the model is ac 1200 wavlink
  5. its also says in the system info that its the wrong time and date and also its says this every time i try doing the update "Cloudsync Ping Heatmap result 'false','HTTP sync failed'
  6. its connected to a wifi extender the netduma and the bench mark works fine and the click for update just doesn't do anything it just reload the page and says "Downloading data from the cloud has failed. Make sure you are connected to the internet, or the cloud servers are down."
  7. Cloud data has not been downloaded. Make sure you have an internet connection and click FORCE UPDATE. i'm on the new software and i still cant do this
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