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  1. Yes it is the XR1000 & we do live in an apartment. Funny thing is we never had this problem till I got XR1000(owned all there previous models). I don't see 161 for 5GHz.
  2. Is still happening. I put them on 5GHz as well and same thing.
  3. Ok we'll give that A try and see how it goes
  4. Just my console the ps5 is added to the geo-filter & it's just my PS5 in dmz & i should disable that? I'm running an ethernet btw
  5. My PS5 is set up in DMZ and 3 of my daughters are all using 2.4GHz WiFi on there PS4 and they keep getting kicked out of games and party chat(says the password is wrong when I know it's not). I've owned every product of the DumaOS and the XR1000 is the only one that has giving me problems. Using an MB8600 modem. any help would be appreciated
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