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  1. Before the R2 I was using a regular Ethernet switch to split the signal to my consoles and pc. After the R2 I’ve had issues with speed, connectivity and signal drops.
  2. It’s the new modem from Xfinity model number is TG4482A. Modem never loses internet connection tho it’s just the netduma.
  3. Yes all devices. Wifi connect and LAN connected. Every time it drops connection I have to unplug and plug the router back in. I’m unable to access the interface while it’s down. Sometimes I do leave it up while gaming.
  4. Ive had the R2 since January but as of late it randomly disconnects from the internet. have to unplug and plug back in. im not home during the day but this happens once or twice at night when im gaming.
  5. All connections lose internet. Wireless and hardwire. I’ll be playing 2-3 hours and out of nowhere the R2 no longer has internet connection. I have to unplug it and connect it to the power again to get it to work properly again.
  6. I got it to work. Ran through the set up wizard but for the past 3 hours I’ve been using the R2, the router loses internet connection.
  7. Yes I’m typing in the default password that’s underneath the router on the sticker. After inputting password it tells me connection fail.
  8. Factory reset is what I did. I have tried connecting to it via wifi but it won’t accept the password also I have tried hardwire and that’s where it says “unable to reach server”
  9. I thought I had configure it but after turning QoS off and on I did not see any improvement. I got frustrated and decided to default restart the router but now I’m unable to connect to it again to start fresh. I input the wifi password and it won’t take it and hardwire it says unable to reach server.
  10. Recently just receive my Netduma R2. I’m having trouble setting it up. I have 1000Mbps down and 25 up. My problem is that I can’t get anywhere near close to that. Even hardwire either on my PC or PS5. I only get around 30mpbs. Is there something I did wrong during the set up?
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