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  1. Recommendation for a home console setup. I have both the ps5 and Xbox series x. Looking for a new router and modem. Mainly looking at the r2 or xr1000. Play mainly multiplayer games and am hardwired on both consoles. Have Comcast internet. House is larger so wifi range is important too. Thank you for offering your assistance to the community.
  2. I am looking to upgrade my router and am deciding between the r2 and xr1000. The price difference isn’t an issue. I have a ps5 and Xbox series x. I use Ethernet cables for both and am also looking to buy a new modem. Deciding between the Motorola mb8600 or the Arris surfboard sb2800. Just looking for some guidance would also take any recommendations for other modems that would maybe be better for my setup. My house is also larger and multiple stories so wifi range is important as well. I mainly play multiplayer games so speed and lag are important too. Thanks.
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