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  1. Thanks! i found that which it currently has 78:D2:94:58:C3:DD - do you have any idea what i would have to change it to or maybe where to find it? thanks again mate
  2. Hello Is it possible to change the mac address on my pc and if so how. I basically used a cheat on call of duty as part of a video to see how long it actually would take someone hacking to get banned (5 days in case u were wondering) i did this with a seperate account that i made especially for it. However, as i went to sign into my main profile that i use all the time without cheating, it got shadow banned. i looked into this a little bit and apparently it is due to the mac address that my pc uses through my router (my network knowledge is very little so might have got that wrong) but is it possible i can chnage the mac address so i am able to set up a new account to play as when i do this now they all get instantly shadowbanned and i can't play or make any content thanks and i'm sorry for the lack of knowledge on this subject
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