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  1. Fraser those are the speeds when I allow the router to determine the speed from the modem (Setup Wizard). I have disabled Mu-Mimo at @CRarsenxL 's suggestion. I have also set sliders down to 40% and turned on Auto-Enable.
  2. Fraser, Those were the settings set by the auto setup tool. I have moved the sliders, manually adjusted speeds, and toggled always/auto-enable. Nothing changed in terms of performance.
  3. Hi Fraser, Both of the iOS devices and PS5 are listed as WiFi 6 certified. Here is the current settings I have for QOS
  4. My XR1000 has issues with iOS devices and QoS. No matter what priority I set I get lag spikes when sharing iOS devices on the same 5GHz signal as my PS5. When I move my iphone or ipad to 2.4 the PS5 goes back to how it should perform. I would like, if possible, to do a teamviewer session with someone at Netduma to review my settings to see if I misconfigured a feature. I also don't feel I am getting a full Wifi 6 experience because my speeds are no different than when I was using the XR500. My ISP is AT&T Fiber and I have killed all of the filtering enabled on the provided modem and still get a NAT 2 on the PS5. Any help or configuration suggestions are welcomed.
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