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  1. Hi JJJason and Reapster No it hasnt been fixed - I turned off QOS like Knoxy said "I just went to the QOS menu then pressed the 3 lines next to the Congestion Control widget and then selected disable QOS tickbox. Good luck!" That means effectively that game optimizer is no longer optimizing your game traffic anymore or any traffic for that matter The only other option you have is to temporarily turn off game optimizer when you have webex, which i did but was really annoying to do every time I really hope that Netduma and Telstra put out a proper fix for this because it sucks Phenonm
  2. Thanks knoxy - i didnt see that hidden box! So that says to me that if its a qos related issue - surely you can tune the QOS and whatever bucket zoom.us falls into so that it has some bandwidth available to it - it must be that its in a best effort bucket and allocated none perhaps Any comments Netduma team?
  3. Hi @knoxy and the team at Netduma This issue is still not fixed, i still have to disable Netduma to do a zoom call - its bloody annoying Knoxy can you pm me the link to how you altered the QOS to allow zoom? please Netduma - is there any chance Telstra will push out a fix soon? Phenonm
  4. Yes i can - log into your router - then in the top right on the main page from memory you can go into the settings and pause duma os this will allow zoom through instantly in my case bloody annoying that it turns itself back on after some time - so before every zoom meeting- which is a lot for me - WFH these days - i check its paused. Really keen to understand when a fix is coming - it seems to be related to the zoom.us domain from my testing being blocked - surely there is a way to whitelist it and the zoom ports?? Ill leave that to the experts at dumaos to comment
  5. Hi Liam Do you have any feedback on when this firmware might hit my router - it would be great to have this issue resolved! Phenonm
  6. Hi DUMA Team I have had issues appear with my Telstra Modem that has the DUMAOS recently. It has started to block Zoom traffic, and specifically the zoom.us domain. If you wait a good while the Zoom will connect intermittently. You can intermittently get to the zoom website but cant download anything I turned off every firewall / QOS / inspection service i could find in DUMAOS but nothing seems to work. I pause DUMAOS and back to the Telstra OS and everything is back to normal and works fine. Can you please give me any ideas on how to troubleshoot this and resolve - id like to leave DUMAOS on for my kids gaming - but not at the expense of being able to work from home Thanks Phenonm
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