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  1. the distance from the router is 2 meters with a wall in the middle...
  2. I have disconnected REMOTE MINI 3, and now finally it works....but how could connect this device? This not support 5GHZ.....
  3. Sure: 2 x Windows PC 1 x Xbox Series X 1 x One X 1 x iPhone 12 1 x HP Printer 2 x LG Smart TV 1 x Samsung Smart TV 1 x Sky Decoder 1 x OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone 1 x Nintendo Switch 1 x Motorola G7 1 x NETATMO 3 x Wifi Cam 5 x Google Home Mini 1 x Stadia 2 x iPad 2 x Smart Lights 1 x Remote Mini 3 controller 1 x Smart Plug Most on SSID 2.4
  4. I have tested many versions and nr.2 XR500 ...same issue. Seems to be a kind a mix of devices (onWifi) that crashes the dumaos.... Endpoints that are called by the browser that are in error 500 return a JSON message with an error that you can't figure out what they are referring to? {"error":-32600} and {"id":31,"eid":"ERROR_UBUS","error":-32000,"msg":"Ubus error: 4"}
  5. There is a way to open a console debug and understand why the RPC goes to 500 error ?
  6. It happens immediately, it never resolves ... I also waited a few hours
  7. If I accidentally restart the router or the electricity in the house fails, the BUG will come back. (IMAGE). For resolve: Change WIFI Password Reboot the modem Change WIFI Password (with the previous known by all devices)
  8. Sure. if I restart the modem leaving all the normal settings and letting the devices connect automatically, R-App and all the other features of the modem no longer work.... For such a product it seems like a huge BUG.
  9. just the password for block all devices to connect to the SSID... after reboot reset the password so that all devices can connect
  10. Change the password of the SSID, reboot and then reset the password to the original. In this way, after the reboot everything works quietly without any device connected to wifi. From what I understand the MODEM shows the BUG when it restarts and too many WIFI devices or some type of devices connect via WIFI to the modem. (this is the second modem with this beahviour)
  11. With Halo5 i dont see any problem with GEOFILTER, if you get kicked out of the game it's before you start
  12. Sometimes the bug comes back, to solve it I turn off the WIFI and restart the modem. When UP returns I re-enable the wifi
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