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  1. On the contrary, this is a bug in the software of the technicolor modem. It is one that I have reported to Telstra. I encountered it using software called Jamkazam that allows playing music together over the internet. It requires low latency similar to gaming. It was introduced by an update to the firmware. It did not occur before the update, and it did after. When it occurred for me (or rather a friends who had this modem. I have the Arcadyan version of the modem) it was followed by errors of the for "Tue Aug 11 18:25:24 2020 kern.warn kernel: [185835.753000] nf_conntrack: expectation table full". What it appeared was that packets being transmitted were being lost in the modem which did not send them on. The end result was that we could hear all the people playing using other modems, but not the person who had the technicolor version of the modem. The only fix we could find that would work was a new modem.
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