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  1. Okay thank you, are you able to let me know if they succeed in reproducing the issue so I know if I should get a new unit, or just wait for a firmware update or something.
  2. Just verified that my ethernet drivers are updated. They're both hooked up with ethernet, they don't have WiFi. I restarted the router and now it is PC 2 that is showing Offline even though that one is next to me and has access to internet as well. So it doesn't seem to be the devices unless it's something on both devices. I did notice that they both appear online via the Nighthawk phone App. However the Device Manager through DumaOS still shows a PC offline and a PC online.
  3. The computers don't have WiFi set up but I do notice that it only happens to hardwired devices. It primarily affects the PCs but I did see the Philips-Hue IP disappear and reappear almost immediately a few times. I would have exchanged it by now but there aren't any local Best Buy locations with another one in stock sadly.
  4. I am actually looking for another Best Buy near me that may have one in stock that I can do a return/exchange for just in case mine is faulty. I really want to stick with the XR1000 if possible so I am trying to push off going to another product/brand. Could you take a look at this screenshot and tell me if this can help you at all in narrowing the issue down? I'm really hoping I am somehow missing or messing something up on my end lol.
  5. I'm certain it has something to do with the fact that the router refuses to recognizes more than 1 device at a time if any device uses a static IP. When I look at PC 1 it shows nothing under the IP addresses, even though I am using it now to communicate in this forum. I'm also completely unable to log into any Call of Duty game. I have never had this issue until I bought this router and I'm familiar with port forwarding, so it's not like I've never done it. I'm at a complete loss at this point. After reverting back to a previous firmware, resetting everything, upgrading to the new firmware you sent me, resetting everything again, I am STILL having issues getting more than 1 PC to show up at the same time as long as 1 of them has a static IP. The cloud issue was fixed by doing this though. Unfortunately at this point I think I will need to return this product as this just isn't usable and my return policy ends in 3 days. I just tried resyncing through the cloud in Device Manager to see if it changes anything but I received the Error "RPC error 'ERROR_CMDFAIL': Exec 'iptables -w -t mangle -D nd_output_mangle -m iprange ! --dst-range -p udp --sport 53 -m mark --mark 0x0/0x7fc000 --markidx 0x1 -j NFQUEUE --queue-num 1 --queue-bypass ' failed with 1"
  6. When I went to bed last night I somehow had an Open NAT on System 1 and 2. System 1 has a static IP, system 2 does not. After waking back up and taking a look both devices are still showing in Device Manager but I am back to a Moderate NAT type across both devices (Based on what it says in game). Whenever System 1 doesn't show in Device Manager none of the functions of the router work with System 1. For instance the Network Monitor doesn't track what its doing, QoS stops working for the device, and essentially every feature of the router stops working for the device that doesn't show with an IP and shows as Offline instead on Device Manager. All Issues I am experiencing (That I notice so far) System 1 or System 2 won't always show in Device Manager, then causing nothing else to work for that device. (Seems to happen when there is a static IP involved, even if its on another PC) System 1 NAT Type will change to Moderate/Strict every single night when I get off. When trying to delete Ports that I have Forwarded nothing happens. It just stays there, doesn't allow me to edit it, or do anything with it. So now I am also having issues with Port Forwarding, which wasn't an issue when I bought this initially. Ping Heatmap error "Cloud data has not been downloaded. Make sure you have an internet connection and click FORCE UPDATE." I click FORCE UPDATE and get "Downloading data from the cloud has failed. Make sure you are connected to the internet, or the cloud servers are down."
  7. Unfortunately I've tried both ways but neither are working. When I look at the Device Manager it just looks like the router isn't assigning IPs or something. No IP is listed under the offline devices, even if the offline device is actually online and connected to the internet. The problem with all that is if the device isn't showing online in Device Manager then none of the other routers features are working with it either.
  8. I just double checked and I do have random MAC addresses disabled already. I reset the router so I can't check on the error anymore because it was with the port forwarding however nothing has fixed this issue except for removing static IP from all devices. The second I connect a device with a static IP I start running into the previously mentioned issues.
  9. Unfortunately I don't think anything is fixed - I restarted the modem, router, and both PCs. PC 1 still won't show in Device Manager and for NAT Type it is showing as Moderate again instead of Strict this time, but still isn't showing as Open. I think it's more than just not showing up in the Device Manager too because when I go to Port Forwarding and click to Edit one set up for PC 1 I get a white box and an error. Doing some testing/trial and error - I set PC 1 for automatic IP instead of a static IP while PC 2 is now a static IP and when I check Device Manager now, PC 1 shows up with both the Static and Automatic IP listed but PC 2 shows offline now. So now I removed the static IP from PC 2 so NO computer has a static IP and they're both showing in the device manager now. It leads me to believe there is an issue with DumaOS and using 1 or even multiple static IPs.
  10. So I did the following to try and fix the issue as you mentioned. The issue looks to be resolved. The computer is now showing up under Device Manager, and the ports are being forwarded properly now, providing an Open NAT across 2 PCs and 1 xbox. (I did need to restart the router so there is still a chance I will see this issue again tomorrow, but I won't know until then. If the issue still occurs I will report back immediately so people are aware). For anybody unsure of what to do, this is how I did it. Issue: The computer will change from Open NAT to Moderate/Strict throughout the night, even with my computer being turned off. This happens on 2 separate computers. Step 1: Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Ethernet Driver (For me it is Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE which is my Ethernet) -> Power Management -> UNCHECK "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". Step 2: Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Ethernet Driver (For me it is Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE which is my Ethernet) -> Advanced -> There are a few different Energy efficient options which I needed to disable (Not just 1 setting). I disabled "Energy-Efficient Ethernet", "Green Ethernet", "Advanced EEE", and "Power Saving Mode". Unfortunately it doesn't look like it worked. I restarted both PCs and the router but PC 1 still doesn't show up and PC 2 does. So I tried booting into the game and I'm not even able to connect on PC 1 but I can on PC 2 and it has an Open NAT. Could it have something to do with having a static IP on PC 1?
  11. Oh okay, thank you. What would you recommend I do for the PC not showing under Device Manager as Online when it is (It stays in the offline category; I've already checked the IP and MAC Address, and have never set up a wireless connection with this PC, only hardwired)? It's a daily problem; I can restart the router and after 2-3 restarts it'll fix it, but when I wake up tomorrow I will need to do it again. I feel like when the PC doesn't show under Device Manager it isn't being forwarded properly because when it doesn't show online under Device Manager that's when I am receiving the Strict/Moderate NAT types in-game.
  12. I did give that a shot, and retried that just in case it was bugged or something but no luck. Do you mean the Traffic Rules under Traffic Controller? I never set that up, otherwise I'm not too certain what you mean.
  13. Modem: Arris Surfboard SB8200 Router: XR1000 Firmware: (A firmware that is still being worked on) Devices with NAT issues that are connected: Game PC 1; Game PC 2; Xbox PC 1 has a static IP; PC 2 does not have a static IP. Games I tested with: Call of Duty Modern Warfare; Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Every day when I wake up my NAT settings seem to be different when I turn on PC 1 or PC 2 and boot into COD. If I boot the xbox first then the xbox will receive an Open NAT while the other two devices were Moderate. I downloaded the firmware provided and went through the provided steps so I should be able to receive an Open NAT across all 3 devices at the same time now. (While port forwarding; I do not want to use uPNP, and prefer to stay away from DMZ as well). After doing these steps, I receive errors if I try to boot into Call of Duty on more than 1 device at a time, and have to sit there and continue rebooting the game until it will finally connect which will eventually allow both PCs to connect at the same time. When I woke up today however I ran into a whole new issue. My NAT type on PC 1 is Strict, not even moderate. When I open NetDuma and look at Device Manager PC 1 is showing Offline. This isn't abnormal, this is an issue I've been facing since I purchased this router. Both PC 1 and PC 2 will randomly not show as online in the Device Manager making me believe the PC is not being recognized, or receiving the correct settings, possibly causing my Strict NAT? I'm sorry, I know there's a lot of problems I just threw at you all, but I am lost at this point as to what I should do or if maybe it's defective and I need to return it or something. Thank you for your time and help!
  14. Surfboard Arris SB8200 I don't have DMZ enabled and I don't think my modem allows me to make any changes but I will take a look shortly. I did notice that both gaming PC's I typically connect are not showing up under the Device Manager as online. They appear under Offline, even though they're both being used currently.
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