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  1. How can u see what server im connecting. Its just the server what pops up?
  2. at this moment im looking for a server. im able to look for a server but not sure if the filtering has done his job
  3. https://gyazo.com/5734366c2e7a7878034f8cfe6b8b9473 this
  4. So the only thing i see pop up inside the area are the following. Just a server Just a player. This is whenever i start up the game. When im trying to find a lobby none of them are poping up again. If tried to allow them but they wont show up on the map as a allowed server or player. It keeps them just the normal server or player.
  5. If tried but cant find any good servers with low latency. Whenever i enable the vpn app it will search to servers with 60 ms and ill get connected to a server where ill have max 30 ms. With hybrid vpn it starts searching for lobbies with 100 + ms up to 200 and will sometimes throw me intro a lobby with 150+ms. Is there anyway to check if the filtering did his work with the vpn app?
  6. Hello, Does anyone knows if the geo filter works with a VPN app instead of the function hybrid VPN in my xr500 ?
  7. done it all but its not letting me join any type of server in the middle east. whenever i disable filter mode its possible for me to join
  8. In the netherlands vpn server is egypte geo filter is set to the location of the screenshot above. 0assist ping and strict mode. Ping to host is disabled
  9. If tries this many times. With or without vpn. Today i had the first time with hybrid vpn on. Connecting to the server in egypte with 19 ms ping. After i tried some other settings its not finding any kind of servers anymore. Should i maybe factory reset my router?
  10. Hello im playing on the pc but whenever i place filtering mode over egypte and make the radius high enoug to reach the server it wont make any connection to this. Im trying the polygron option and even this wont let me connect to the closest server . This is the screenshot of the server im trying to connect to The heat pingmap says there is a server active but whenever i start up warzone it wont throw me intro a match
  11. what are those ping assist servers? my friend is using the same model xr500 have the same settings but his map shows ping assist servers mine doesnt.
  12. When having the filter mode on i start at 100ms when im in specator it starts with 20
  13. Hello im having troube with the geo filter. im connected to a hybrid vpn but whenever i try to search for a game it starts with 100+ ms. this results of me not finding any server. if deleted the device and flushed but im missing the ping assist servers they are not showing up the map
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