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  1. I use to have a open NAT type on my old PC. I just built a new one and I am back to moderate. I still have my ports forwarded. Im not sure what changed or how to go about fixing it.
  2. Ive tried the following Hard turn off the console Remove the device from the Geo-Filter Flush the cloud Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter and choose the manual option Setup your settings with 0 Ping Assist Wait 2 minutes Boot up the game my pc is set as a console. No matter what when I search it still goes up to 70-100 ping
  3. Just based on what the game tells me. It says 0 packet loss but Im getting the 3 squares on the left that denote packet loss way more than usual almost consistently especially if I'm in a close gun fight. So I don't really understand the second part. the servers in this game seem to change randomly. there used to be a server in Seattle, Vancouver and Wyoming but now there are none and in California there used to be 3+ but now there is 2 .
  4. I need help fixing packet loss. Ive tried Exit lag which seems to lessen the intensity of my packet loss but makes me join games up to 100 ping. Exit lag has me joining servers in LA (I live in Seattle if I set my location as WA I can only join games 70+ ping) and Im in games at 100+ ping. When I use my router and use polygon mode around LA I get games at around 20-50 ping. I would like to lessen my packet loss and take advantage of lower ping.
  5. no its been doing this since I got it. Whether im in polygon or radius. Sometimes it will show just the seattle server other times it wont show anything.
  6. this is what it looks like when im searching for a game. I never see any servers or anything.
  7. Ahhh that makes sense, im assuming using polygon mode will be more beneficial than radius mode? Im going to restart my computer and router then ill take a screenshot of what it looks like when searching because usually nothing shows up when searching
  8. Thats what Im doing in those pictures(using the heat map to find servers). I dont get anything popping on the geo filter. Do you get why a server closer to me is a higher ping than one thats a few states away?
  9. I've already done what e seen posted in here. Flushing the cloud, removing and re-adding the pc, changing the pc to PlayStation, the ip addresses are the same. Sometimes I will get it to work and ill get into 20 ping lobbies then next game it just doesn't work. Im in Seattle not sure why its placed me in the middle of America. I also dont understand how the server in Seattle/Vancouver is a 70ping but the server in Wyoming is 15 ping. Also don't get why Seattle will have a server one month then it'll disappear the next. I usally draw boxes around the states near me with the lowest ping if I add Washington into the mix I only get over 70 ping.
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