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  1. I've tried resetting via holding down the button for 10s, 30s, 1m. still nothing. I'm mainly wondering if theres anything I can do before purchasing an r2. I've had my r1 since 2014? and its moved around alot so I wouldn't doubt it could be damaged. If I remember correctly it is setup as a switch.
  2. I recently took my Netduma R1 out of storage and went to set it up again. I am currently hardwired into the Netduma and have solid connection. Although, I cannot access the web console with anything I try. I tried using,,,, http://r1 and I keep getting errors. If I open cmd and do ipconfig /all my default gateway is in IPv6 and if I "translate" it to IPv4 I still cannot connect. If I do ipconfig /all it shows an IPv6 and IPv4 address and that IPv4 does not work. If I do ipconfig |findstr /i "Gateway" it only shows an IPv6 address. I looked through the forums and I tried as much as I could find. I also cannot factory reset the router using the RST button as I've tried and the router does not reset. I know that I am connected to the R1 since that is the only router I have setup. My setup goes modem(Netgear CM1000) > R1. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
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