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  1. No I do not, not yet. Soon. I currently have a horrible GPU.
  2. Now I'm definitely not positive but I think that what's causing the spikes is either my webcam or the webcam software I use Xsplit Vcam. It removes the background without needing a green screen. They seem like really high CPU/GPU processes. when I use just the webcam without vcam the spikes go away a bit. I'll post some examples shortly.
  3. streaming after a game. second image is google during stream.
  4. PingPlotter w/recommended settings while streaming.
  5. armor is not enabled. Should it be? That was without streaming.
  6. Whatever "Performance Mode" in streamlabs is seems to help. It disables the video preview of your stream unfortunately tho. noticeably flatter but still some major spikes in there when streamining or the app is open. In the end it could be my old HP envy. I've got a decent CPU, but a horrible GPU right now.
  7. absolutely, and I really appreciate all the really great support and insights. here they are:
  8. well it I mean when the elgato app is open it's only flucating by about 3 or 4ms. when it's normal and I'm playing a game not streaming it seems like it's at 1ms ping or so. everything else sky rockets when I stream. the elgato app had maybe a little to do with it but I don't think it was the main problem.
  9. it still spikes when streamlabs or obs are open and live tho.
  10. When I disable Elgato Stream Link Beta it drops back down.
  11. Yes, it does. Streamlabs has most spikes, then OBS, then lastly the Elgato Software itself.
  12. I've got download speeds of 470mbps and like 24mpbs upload with a 9ping on speedtest.net have the QoS sliders at download 50% and the upload at 99% after using the auto-setup since it seemed to give me much better results than the 70/70 percentages.
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