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  1. I get these random ping spikes but I've never had this with my old router so I know it's something to do with the settings inside.
  2. Counter-strike__Global_Offensive_2021_03.16_-_18_36_50_30.DVR_Trim.mp4
  3. On the game hold on ill try to upload again but you can see it spiking to 500 and even stopping the game itself.
  4. I dont know how else to fix it. But I do wonder should I have STP on? I dont remember it being on and im not exactly sure what it does could that per say be the cause?
  5. enabled auto and it kinda fixed it? On youtube videos but in game im still getting these massive 500 ping spikes
  6. Counter-strike Global Offensive 2021.03.16 - Counter-strike Global Offensive 2021.03.16 - Counter-strike Global Offensive 2021.03.16 -
  7. Ive tried to go lower but it makes things worse. It makes my phone lag every so often and it cant load videos on youtube at all it takes it some time are you sure there isnt anything else per say I could do?
  8. If I lower it too much wouldnt I loose all my internet speed and it would be very slow?
  9. For downlead I have 70% for upload I have 59%
  10. Im not too sure why it's happening it's very stable for some time but ping spikes still do happen and I dont know how to fix those maybe its the speed perhaps?
  11. I've had the DumaOS classified games and work enabled already. But here is the benchmark
  12. Hello I disabled traffic Prioritization and it seems that it made it worse all together now they are really noticeable and happen every min or so. If I go back it helps but not much. Anything else I could do?
  13. I tried the traffic control but it still hasnt fix the problem. Also ping spikes seemed to return somewhat and im still unsure why.
  14. The lag has gone away in games but while watching videos and in zoom calls I get lagged for a few seconds so it only went away in game. Anything else I could try?
  15. So far the lag has been minimal but so far its pretty good.
  16. Hello I recently contacted support on here since my wifi kept turning off for no reason untill I turned off IPV6 which solved a lot of the problems. But it also made a new one. I'm get very high ping spikes in game no matter what game. It's not at a certain time ether I could go 30 min and no ping spikes then there would be one every 30 sec for a few hours. I don't know how to fix this problem any help?
  17. Its been 1 day and I haven't disconnected since! This helped a lot thank you!
  18. I am on .179 but it did disconnect sometimes after this update. With the factory rest I'll update and turn off IPv6 soon. But I already had it happened once today morning
  19. I have a motorola D.3 modem. I thought that was the problem so I got it before I had a netgear one that was old. I tried to login to my modem but there is no option to change the static IP.
  20. correct I meant that. But I did this awhile ago and the problem still continues.
  21. no I dont have any ethernet connections and this all happens over wifi.
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