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  1. Just letting you know DHL dropped mine off at my house today. Hopefully yours comes soon too. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. I'm still waiting for mine that was ordered on the 1st February. ๐Ÿคจ I did get an order update email a couple weeks ago though, maybe you got the same. The title of it is "Order Progress Update". I also received an email the day I ordered which was to confirm my order had been placed, the title of that one is "R2 Order Received: Netduma". Maybe search your spam folder for those.
  3. Great, that's what I was hoping to hear. I've just placed my order with you guys! Now it's time to twiddle my thumbs whilst I wait for your new stock to come in. ๐Ÿ˜„ Are you still on track to have new orders sent out in late February?
  4. I was just about to pay for my R2 preorder and I starting having second thoughts about if I'm making a mistake not getting the XR500. I've seen it said many times that the XR500 has better hardware. I understand that the better hardware provides stronger WiFi but that side of it doesn't bother me because I'm going to be using access points to handle the WiFi. However, my question is this: Does the better hardware in the XR500 affect the performance of my wired connections? If so, in what ways does the better hardware in the XR500 benefit my devices connected to it via Ethernet cables compared to the R2. In case it's relevant, I am on BT Infinity with a download speed of 40 and an upload speed of 9. Hopefully someone can give me some advice on this so I can make my decision on which to purchase tomorrow. Thanks.
  5. Awesome! I set up my second homehub 5 as an access point earlier today without any issues so I'm familiar with how to do that now. The R2 definitely sounds like the best choice for me then as I like the idea of quicker software updates. I'll pre-order in the next few days. Thanks everyone in the thread for the help.
  6. Thanks. Just so I'm totally clear, connecting a wireless access point via an ethernet cable to the R2 - any devices that connect wirelessly to that access point will respect any QoS/Traffic shaping instructions that are set up on the R2? Edit: Also, what if I were to purchase one of those mesh wifi kits (for example the TP-Link Deco E4), if I were to connect a mesh kit (in AP mode) to the R2, would devices connected wirelessly to the mesh system also respect QoS/Traffic shaping? Sorry for the newbie questions, I'm not very familiar with this side of things I just want to make sure I won't be wasting my money on something that doesn't work the way I hope!
  7. Does anyone have experience with comparing the WiFi performance of these three routers? I currently have the homehub 5 and the signal strength downstairs is not great, I'm having issues with things like my ring doorbell having a weak signal. Would love to hear people's experiences if they've upgraded from a homehub 5 to either of the other two routers. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Is there anything I can buy to boost the wifi signal in other areas of the house that would still respect QoS and Traffic Prioritisation? (with either the R2 or XR500)
  9. I think no matter what you do the connection on Fifa is always going to be less than desirable. It has always been this way ever since I started playing back in Fifa 08 or Fifa 09. I've gone through many different ISPs, different routers - it's always the same. It's rare to have a completely delay free matchup, the vast majority of the time the gameplay feels heavy, players taking extra touches...defenders running an extra second when you've told them to stop running a certain direction. One piece of advice I can give is to try and always play at home, for whatever reason I get a better experience when doing this. You will know if you're playing at home if the kit select screen loads faster than normal (check a youtube video to see it in action). I'm sure using a router like this helps a little bit but I think it's mostly a problem their end with their servers that you simply cannot fix from your side. โ˜น
  10. Hi I am thinking about buying the Netduma R2 but one of my concerns is the complaints about WiFi speed & signal. Is the following idea I have a good one (or even possible?): I have BT Infinity and the plan is to use my Billion 8800NL in bridge mode > Netduma R2 > BT Homehub 5 setup as a wireless access point. Then just have all devices in the house (apart from my own PC which will be connected via ethernet to the netduma r2) connect to WiFi through the Homehub 5. I thought about getting one of the netgear routers with Netduma OS on but I see a large amount of complaints regarding the router randomly restarting and that's something that would drive me up the wall and as far as I can tell the only benefit to the netgear routers over the Netduma R2 is the wireless capabilities so if I can simply utilize my existing home hub 5 for the wireless side of things I'd be happy. Is there any reason why my plan wouldn't work or any potential downsides to it? I'm not super familiar with networking so thought I better check with you guys before committing to the purchase. Thanks!
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