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  1. long time user, first time poster! key information: i own the XR1000 My buddy has the XR500 bare with me here, i always play with optimal tuned QOS and Geo-Filter to the most stable configuration i can possibly get for COD MW. i usually average 60-85 ping in warzone which is reasonable and by all means playable, however when i connect with a buddy not far from me in Southern California about almost 900 miles distance my ping is horrendous at 120-150 constant and games don't go well. now i know Lag Comp in game is mainly responsible i 1000% understand (i work for Geeksquad) *so i know my way around networking* . my main question is, is there any kind of way to lower our connection between us 2 in the DUMAOS? anyway to improve our overall connection, secondly is there a way to actually black list an entire area of the GEO map to disregard bad rerouting that eventually connects me to my friend? **Side Note, HIs connection is usually 20-40 in game** i know it seems like a strange way to find a solution but im at my wits end there has to be something with all this POWER! haha thanks for any help!
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