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  1. thats actually what I have already done. thanks for your input I just don't understand why doing exactly what you said has caused my router to have the issues.I have also had issues where it shows the update icon lights up and says theres an update avalaible then it checks and timesout. EVERY SINGLE TIME
  2. SO. this is the 2nd time I've purchased a netduma. had an r1. it was alright back then. I decided since my connection speeds and what not were beyond the specs of what it could handle and I had a lot of devices I wanted to get an upgrade to make the most out of my connection. Now I have an XR700 nighthawk. Not happy. always have double NAT on Xbox and my PlayStation always type 2. I haven't used hardly any of the features on the router since I got it because I was waiting for tutorials since I got the ability when some new beta firmware came out that changed its operation a little bit. With that being said. I have had to restart from factory, not once but FOUR times. If I even try to use any additional features to improve NAT the router gives me crazy connection issues and if i undo all the changes I made to it, it doesn't care and the problems persist until I reset it and that is an annoyance all in its own setting all my stuff back up to it. I recently tried port forwarding because one of the games (Dead By Daylight I have discovered and I LOVE this game) has just all of a sudden stopped working. I went online to find port guides. first thing I found was sites saying disable uPnP to start the process and then put in the ports yada yada yada. well when I specifically tried to look for a simple guide to help me as a template from start to finish, i was shocked I simply can not find a tutorial for this router. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING. So immediately I had accomplished nothing and decided I did not know how to do everything perfectly and turned uPnP back on (only change I made) and omfg now my connection is struggling with MULTIPLE GAMES. I'm getting negative ping rates on servers for other games so I cant join any but one server or my games have stopped working together all in general. Only reason I haven't reset it again is cause last time I did I felt like the router i paid a lot for almost bricked cause i had to go through so much effort to get it to come back on an hour after hitting that factory reset. For a product that is so highly regarded, I would have expected some kind of support on basic things like forwarding examples. a simple 2 minute video somewhere. I couldn't find a consistent example on something basic like that through hours on googling how to port forward for this specific router. I'm such a paranoid individual cause of the issues I've had I don't want to do anything else with it and for the money I don't think you should have to be extremely versed to use it. I love that its supposed to have all these features to help me dominate the lag. But if you are unable to find out how to use these features with ease then what's the point when other routers are cheaper and don't give these problems ?
  3. i didnt make a forum cause I wasnt aware that was how I get a response. I messaged directly fraser and another dev and got no response. Yes, i did try forwarding because I have always had NAT issues and for some reason the last 2 weeks have been harder connecting to games because the NAT profile got to another level. I tried forwarding starting with both my consoles which managed to get the NAT back to type 2 on both of my consoles but I am discovering more of my games are not allowing me to play before and after the forwarding process. I will make a forum for m0y issues
  4. im having issues with mine as well. probably going to have to factory reset it for the 4TH TIME. i was trying to port forward and i disabled upnp and all of a sudden ALL my games have ping problem and one game wont even connect at all. I reset it to default and still it persists. take the connection directly from modem to ps4. works perfect. for such an expensive product. EXTREMELY FAULTY. on top of 5 days with no reply from the developers who made it
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