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  1. Another thing I’ve noticed , my friends can’t join my lobby when I use this, is there a fix for this ?
  2. I delete all the stuff I’ve approved and that server still pops up?
  3. Here is the screenshot. When searching for a game in Warzone, as you can see ive set the location to italy. Whilst the game tries to search for a match the server appears in a complete different country as shown in the map, however when it eventually puts me in a game a server appears and only appears once im in?
  4. I’ll show a screenshot of what pops up soon, but I have another issue , when I use the netduma , I can’t seem to connect to discord calls?
  5. Here’s the thing , I search for a game in Italy and the server doesn’t appear until it actually puts me in a game , I do the same for turkey but it doesn’t put me in a game because there’s no server? Ping heat map doesn’t show these places to have servers or not so how do we know which countries have servers and which don’t
  6. Is there a way to show where each server is because when I ping the warzone servers the one in Italy doesn’t show until I actually set Italy on the gel filter and go into the game and search for a match, once it puts me in one only then does it show the server on the geofilter
  7. It seems filtering mode makes the duma work but it just doesn’t put me into a game which is bizarre?
  8. I did some tests and got the following for Warzone EastCoast US Filtering Mode On Nat Type : Moderate Cant get into game EastCoast US Filtering Mode Off Nat Type Moderate Puts me into local lobby Why does filtering mode effect it so much?
  9. Hi I managed to do the device, Im just having problems getting into a game now because it says my NAT type is strict, this doesnt happen with a VPN, any fix for this
  10. Hi, I followed the steps and it works! But now it says my NAT type is strict and its not putting me in a game? Any fix for this please
  11. Hi I am trying to use the Netduma for Warzone. I set my filter to the East coast of America and i dont seem to be getting into american lobbies? It keeps pinging a server in Europe? Ive tried resetting the router, ive tried selecting PC only, No matter where i set my location it just doesnt work? any help?
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