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  1. I think I fixed it, went into wi-fi settings, IPv4, Properties, clicked on Obtain an IP address automatically (and also Obtain DNS server address automatically but I don't think that was needed), then I could connect to the XR500 Wi-Fi. Basically the IP wasn't correct (or the DHCP wasn't assigning it correctly). I remember seeing "your IP has been modified to ...... to avoid conflicts with your ISP" or something like that on DumaOS a couple of days ago so that might be why. Now onto testing QoS and Geo-Filter intensively (hoping my double router and moderate NAT don't mess with what I'll be testing?)
  2. About 3/4 meters, pretty much full signal
  3. Yes I checked if there were any but nope, all updated. I'm gonna be doing as many tests as possible this weekend regarding Wi-Fi but also QoS and Geo-Filter.
  4. My ISP gives me a static IP (for some reason); not sure I understood your second question?
  5. I had Smart Connect already disabled and it wasn't working, tried enabling it, then disabling it again but it still doesn't work. I will try putting it into the DMZ and do as many tests as possible to see if the difference is noticeable. Next step would be doing it properly by getting a DSL modem and setting bridge mode but it's a longer process since my current one is rented and I need all the parameters for a new one. Maybe I'm asking too much for an ADSL connection but I'll try my best, I could always return the XR500 even if that was not the plan cause you guys provide the best support I've seen anywhere so far.
  6. Yes I'm able to see the SSID, it says connected, internet not available. On a side note, does having 2 routers make QoS and Geo-Filter less effective? Especially Geo-Filter because very few servers show up and even those with 15-20ms ping (on Netduma) result in 40-50ms ping in game and those with 300ms on Netduma result in 55-60ms in game, I'm confused.
  7. Nothing, I was just trying to set it up only using that work laptop because it's the closest to the router. I then tried with another laptop and it worked (as with every other device) but I didn't change anything. *Tried setting the XR500 to AP mode and it connects, there must be something weird with the wi-fi between the XR500 as a router and that specific laptop.
  8. Basically I got it to work on every device except for an older Laptop which is the one I had issues with when making this thread. I have a static IP, it doesn't connect to the XR500 Wi-Fi but it works with a LAN cable, tried disabling QoS but nothing changed. No idea what to do since we need to use that Laptop wirelessly for work.
  9. It probably has something to do with the DNS Rebind protection of my ISP modem-router. Will try to fix this asap.
  10. I took a screenshot, apologies for it being in italian. This is what I see on the routerlogin.net page after connecting to the XR500 Wi-Fi using its password. 1st- Auto config 2nd- Manual config 3rd- Load saved router's config settings 4th- self explanatory haha
  11. Just bought the XR500 and wanted to test it with my current setup meaning using it as a second router alongside the ISP modem/router (FritzBox 7430, ADSL2+, 2.4Ghz only, 802.11n, can't be set to bridge mode), before getting a different, proper modem to eliminate the unnecessary routing. I opened the routerlogin page, chose automatic config but it didn't connect. I tried rebooting my modem/router and it said "internet not available" so I couldn't get into the routerlogin page so I pressed the reset button and I'm now back on the routerlogin page. Should I manually insert all the config settings? Thanks
  12. Just to know, do any of the Netgear/Netduma routers running DumaOS have SQM QoS? Seems like the preferred way of doing QoS but I'm not sure if it would slow my already limited 20/1 connection of if I'd be just fine with anything else.
  13. You mean TP-Link modem-routers set to bridge mode? Can they do that?
  14. Wasn't sure because I understand 1Mbps upload is not much. I really like the R2 but not sure how long it takes to deliver and if wifi coverage is as good; also I can find the XR500 used for around 150€ (more powerful CPU, don't know how much difference it would make), while the R2 will be 192€ shipped to Italy (which is a fair price being new) but I will definitely take it into consideration. Do you think I could run into issues on DumaOS when buying a used XR500? One last thing, any differences between plugging my Xbox directly to the Router or to an unmanaged switch? Thanks!
  15. I get 20Mbps download and 1Mbps upload from my ADSL connection. Was thinking about getting the XR500, main focus being reducing Bufferbloat and being able to game on Xbox without huge ping spikes if someone else is occasionally watching Prime Video/Netflix/Sky on demand. Will QoS help me in this case and with these speeds?
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