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  1. Wireless devices in my household keep dropping connection, on my MacBook for instance I could just randomly lose connection on the 2.4ghz band so I will switch to the 5.0ghz band it will work fine. I will then eventually lose connection to the 5.0ghz band so will connect back to the 2.4ghz etc etc. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve the overall stability of wireless connections? this is getting people in my house quite disgruntled so any solutions would be helpful. thank you.
  2. don't seem to have much joy with it to be honest, would the hybrid vpn help in a situation like this? Also is this feature coming to XR1000 soon? Find it bizarre how the XR1000 doesn't have this feature but lesser costing models of the same line of router have it. Is there a specific reason for this?
  3. Doesn't seem to work, end up in games lobbies where the in game ping is too low which means I'm not in the server region I would like to be in.
  4. Been recently trying to set my geo filter location in the US, servers are within drawn polygons but I struggle to find a game. sometimes I can find one and sometimes it will just keep searching. Is just setting your geo filter enough or do you also need to set a VPN? Having the XR1000 obviously means I don't have the Hybrid VPN option available, is there any information as too when this would be available for the XR1000? I still have the opportunity to return the XR1000 so thinking of maybe downgrading to the XR500 as it seems that option is available on that router. Any suggestions or guidance for this? From the UK by the way. Thanks.
  5. A server outside the geo location keeps popping up in Poland is this known or is something not set correctly? Nevermind, seen another comment referring to this.
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