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  1. My XR500 comes tomorrow, is this the latest update I should get? Do I need to download this and upload the file in the firmware section? Never had a router outside my ISP's, so I have never had to update it. But I was looking to get the latest update so I can test the GEO filter and whatever else it has to offer. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the input, sorry I have been busy lately. I still have not decided on what I was going to get, but I have a couple questions on the WIFI portion and was going to list the devices that will be used daily on the router. I measured my house to the best of my ability, it may not be exactly right but I came up with 39ft Length and 28ft width. The devices that I will be using daily are, two xbox's hooked up through ethernet, and a desktop PC through ethernet. Wireless wise, I will be using a Amazon fire stick that will be streaming all day and night, two iPhones, a samsung, Google Home, two laptops occasionally, and an Ipad. The speed I am paying for is 400 download 20 upload. It will occasionally go into the 500s for download. I recently found out that the XR300 did not have MU-MIMO and that the XR500 does. So I am wondering if getting the XR500 is more worth it considering the amount of devices that may be frequently used wirelessly on my network. Also with the WIFI coverage, is the xr500 much better, I am assuming it is, but for my house is it overkill? Like is the xr300 broadcast power plenty considering the size of my house? I just didn't want to dish out the extra 120 that I do not really have if it wasn't really worth it. Also on one article I was reading it said the xr300 could do dual band simultaneous and it didn't state that it could do it for the xr500, I am sure it can but for some reason they left that part out. Another reason I was considering the Xr500 is that best buy does not have the xr300 anymore and I was thinking about getting the geek squad four year protection. I am not sure the routers fail rate or how long they last usually, but I would hate to spend 180 dollars and the router fail 6 months down the road, I guess it would boil down to luck. With the amount of devices that will be used and the size of my house, would you recommend that the xr500 is better or that the xr300 will work just fine? As soon as I seen that it didn't support MU-MIMO I have been hesitant to purchase it. There will be around 12 to 13 devices on my network, 3 of them will be through ethernet. Thank you
  3. I just recently upgraded my internet, It can have up to 400 Mbps, usually can go over a little, maybe sometimes up to 500, but the package is 400 download and about 20 upload. So would I be losing anything if I got the R2 as far as WIFI capabilities with the package I currently have? Another thing is availability, I was looking on the netduma site and it says you can currently pre order it and that they will be dispatched in February on first come first serve. With it being nearly February my wait could possibly be months, not sure when I would get it because there isn't really a set date
  4. I am not sure because I recently upgraded my internet and I am waiting to get the new modem/router, but I think this one is it
  5. I am looking to purchase either the R2 or the XR300. I was wondering what would be the better purchase. I do not have much knowledge as far as the specs, but from what I have seen and read the XR300 seems to be better hardware wise. I was wondering if it currently has DumaOS 3.0, if not, will it in the future. Not sure what DumaOS 3.0 adds, but is there much difference from what is currently available on the XR300. I know that add blocker does not exist on it, but that is all I know. I am wanting one of these for the purpose of using the geo filter feature and improving my WIFI and possibly using QoS. Thanks
  6. I have comcast/xfinity internet which uses cable through a MoCA connection. Before I wasted my money buying the R2 I wanted to understand if it would be worth it and if it would work with my current setup. I am wanting to use the QoS features and the Geo Filter. My current setup would not allow the R2 to be at the top, so I was wondering if I didn't use my current Modem/Routers wifi and used all of my devices on the R2 if that would allow me to utilize QoS and Geo Filter. Because without both there is no reason for me to buy it. Not sure if connecting the R2 from my xfinity router will work seeing the way traffic is handled, so wanted to ask before I bought it. Thanks
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